WeChat: A perfect blend WhatsApp, LINE, Viber and KIK

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know that China is a world apart . The Eastern country has its own factory almost everything and would be less when it comes to instant messaging. Lately, with the announcement that it would become Whatsapp payment (0’89 € / year), many people started to change their service. And without stopping to enter whether we pay or not to use Whatsapp , there are different alternatives in the Play Store. Almost everyone migrated to Line , an application that, through their cartoons and similarity Whastapp , and much liked. If SpotBros does not convince you, Viber does not leave you satisfied, Line seems too “juvenile” and not want to pay for Whatsapp and KIK do not like, read on and discover one of the applications that insurance will be talking about these months : WeChat .

Also available for Windows Phone, iOS and Symbian (Blackberry OS is in development: BETA) WeChat functions more like that as Whatsapp Line . Although includes features of both applications. With this new application we can chat who want to share files and or VoIP calls . Also includes style emoticons Line and contact discovery function as SpotBros . As the use of PIN as BBMessenger .

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Registration is done as Whatsapp . Through our phone number the application will scan your contacts and see who else has installed WeChat. To add more people to our agenda, can use the “shake” , which means that, when agitemos the terminal, the contacts look around us. Or we can give our PIN those who want and thereby hide our phone number.

The complete list of features is:

Multiplatform (Android, BlackBerryOS (beta), iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone)

  • group or individual messages
  • Ability to send video, images, voice notes, locations, contacts …
  • chat logs accessible offline
  • Ease of finding contacts around us shaking the device, scanning QRs, synchronizing with the agenda, PIN or location
  • Web Chat Support (enter here for more info )
  • support in over 18 languages ​​
  • completely free and without ads
  • also allows login and view the contacts Chinese social network QQ.
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    certainly web chat function and the facilities in registration and make contacts adding a WeChat clear competitor and Whatsapp Line . Maybe may be the final , but is too risky make such statements . I do not know if it will have the fame Line Whatsapp or have achieved, but WeChat is going strong , and it never hurts to give it a try .

    WeChat is free and requires Froyo Android 2.1 or higher to run correctly .

    Download WeChat free on Google Play

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    WeChat: A perfect blend WhatsApp, LINE, Viber and KIK
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    January 15, 2013

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