Weekly suggestions: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, ‘American Gods’, ‘the girls on The wire’ and more

Serve to Protect

We opened a week of those that leave us with the mouth open at the intensity and power of the premieres that come to us. Today we start Monday, remembering what the tele generalist gives us. For a start, Telecinco, ‘I Know who you are’ unveils its penultimate chapter. While, on Antenna 3, ‘down There’ will try to continue to lead the night.

In La1, we have an interesting premiere. This is the series ‘Serve and protect’, a fiction daily, which changes the focus of time and takes us to a police station of the neighborhood. Premiering after the news of the day. In addition, National Geographic also have an eye-catching debut with production that tells the life of Albert Einstein: ‘Genius’.

Prime time red-hot

Tuesday are being days a special, marked by the scheduling of football in the european competitions. Now we have a break until the semi-finals and the strings “return to normal”. In Antenna 3 will be ‘The tree of your life’, while laSexta will ‘Hunter of trolls’ and Four, space research, ‘In the spotlight’.

So we moved up to the Wednesday day 26. In Telecinco, Bertin Osborne offers a new delivery of ‘My house is yours’. And in la1, José Mota will try to make us laugh with his ‘The acabose’. Antenna 3 emits a new program of ‘Top Chef’. And, in addition, in Fox Spain, we will see the last chapter of the legendary series: ‘Bones’. In the chains of cable, releases of which we cannot lose: Movistar Series starts with the third season of ‘The Leftovers‘ and in HBO Spain do the same with the highly anticipated ‘The Handmaid”s Tale’.

We at Thursday, the day-reality of Telecinco that, in these moments, you have the meat placed on the grill of the ‘Survivors’. La1 will try to do battle with a new chapter of ‘Tell me’. On the other hand, AMC Spain gives us another interesting releases of the week with ‘The son’, the series of Pierce Brosnan.

Friday is an intense day. To a part of a great national mourning, starring ‘Your face does not sound to me still’ in Antenna 3, and ‘The Voice Kids’ in Telecinco, we have the premiere of the first Spanish series Netflix. It is called ‘The girls cable‘ and, as you know, is a production of Bamboo.

To finish the review by the tele national, we’re going to the Sunday. That day is the one chosen by TVE to broadcast your ‘MasterChef’, which has premiered its fifth season. On the other hand, Telecinco will seek to continue the high of the discussion of ‘Survivors’. On Netflix, we can see the second season of the animated series ‘F is for Family’.

international level

Premiers international we begin to reach increasingly more at the same time on their channel of origin, thanks to the impulse of different platforms such as Netflix or HBO Spain. But, to see one of the series most anticipated of the spring, and we still have to wait a little bit. We talk about ‘American Gods’, the adaptation of the book of Neil Gaiman will arrive at the Starz on Sunday, April 30.

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Weekly suggestions: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, ‘American Gods’, ‘the girls on The wire’ and more
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April 24, 2017

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