Weimei Force analysis: growing to convince users why buy a Weimei

Weimei Force

Van and several years in which the challenge of phones below 200 euros has moved from focusing on providing sufficient experience for users more ‘light’, career trying to do his best in a very striking budget.

Weimei Force, a phone 5-inch Android stands at 160 euros with a balanced-sheet, but not too many surprises. We tested the new Spanish terminal associated with the Chinese manufacturer Gionee, who share the design and software reference these phones.

Weimei Force, by the numbers

Weimei Force

Weimei takes only a few months between us. In them, and after premiering with We Plus, model good performance for a 300 euros, followed him Neon to open in the input range around 100 euros. Now comes the Force as a renewed and intermediate between the two bet. It does slightly cutting bill components relative to the Weimei We, available still about 190 .

A phone enough features, keeping the attractive price

with 5 inches diagonally, the Weimei Force is the best size accepted by all types of users, neither too large nor too small current . Your screen resolution is not the best, but 720 points wide seem more than enough on this stretch.

To move introduce a heart Mediatek, with more than a year already in the catalog and low consumption. Or what is the same, but with limited performance capacity to pump your battery, at least a priori. This is a processor design something overcome, made 28 nanometers.

Weimei Force

Four core Cortex A53, made public almost 4 years ago, they are what give muscle to the Force to a maximum frequency of 1.3 GHz. Similar Estampa by the graphic section, where a Mali GPU for devices with tight budget, also ARM, dual-core T720 will help the terminal to move.

Good surprise in exchange for part of the memories. This phone arrives with 16 GB of internal memory with an option for microSD, and other 3 RAM . More than enough to aim for at least 2-3 years of life for this part.

In this attempt to drop the bill components, unhook it seems that Sony as a supplier of sensors for cameras, manufacturer of the most reputable in the market. We assume this simply because this time Weimei yes ‘hidden’ who the manufacturer of the sensor

Weimei Force

also stresses the ‘latest’ version of Android available today, until Android N finally see the light in the coming weeks. Android 6.0 Marshmallow is a very good basis on which to work, allowing updates also worry medium term. Yes WeOS comes with its own layer of customization that adds some other modification, especially the visual and interface part.

Basically this is the Weimei Force. We add that features Dual micro SIM format, FM radio and 2.5D glass on the front. For some reason, yes, does not have LED notifications . You can see it also summarized in table format:

Weimei Force
Size 145 x 71 mm
thickness 8.5 mm
Weight 142 grams
Display 5.0-inch IPS with crystal 2.5D
Resolution HD 1,280 x 720, 294 ppi
Processor MediaTek MT6735, 28nm
Quad Core 1.3GHz Cortex A53 @
graphics Processor Mali T720, two cores
Memory 16 GB with microSD slot up to 2TB
(maximum currently available 256GB)
version Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
Connectivity WiFi 2.4 and 5 GHz 802.11n Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

LTE Cat 4 (Bands 1, 3, 7, 20 )
2 x Micro SIM
expansion Ports microUSB 2.0, microSD (2TB)
Camera Back 13 megapixel camera with Flash
f / 2.2
Front Camera 5 megapixel camera with Flash
f / 2.2
Battery 2400 mAh removable
Other Available in colors Gold and Grey
Dual SIM
Without lED notifications
Starting price Amazon 159.99 euros

A design without great risk

Weimei Force

the Force Weimei design is pretty basic, with simple elements that have proven to work in the past. We are facing a phone with metal frame, rear removable plastic (which mimics very well to aluminum, at least in the golden white-model, another gray-black) and front with glass to 2.5D . This is rounded profile to make the phone more enjoyable. Not very accentuated this effect, but still whole sum.

The metal part is bevelled so that although the frames are flat, the sequence of elements ends up forming a curve that feels comfortable in hand . The phone is lightweight, but not very robust . Gives the feeling that we can bend easily under some pressure on the hands

in the Weimei Force-standard asset are the basics: no extras. Do not look for quick loading or fingerprint reader, or water resistance.

Volume and other buttons are on your right, headphone jack on top and the microUSB load is at the bottom. A configuration without being bad, is not the best. We found offscreen capacitive buttons, screenprinted the Nexus style but in reverse order. Button back to the right, this is the same arrangement using Samsung.

Weimei Force

Bypassing the detail that we tested the color gold model, which has a slightly pink hue, the finish of the rear metal passes until we touch . It is there where the speaker, as it is the easiest place to put one big enough. This makes the sound is partially blocked when the phone support.

In general, it is a terminal with good measures, comfortable in hand and without excessive frames. If I had to point out something, perhaps to be too square, making it less comfortable to grip . A more rounded corners improvement here would be easy.

After writing this analysis, we assume that by leaving it on the table, has grated on its back cover. This ends the metallic look of the phone, and it looks pretty bad. Perhaps in the black version is appreciated less

The screens are no longer what they were: they are better

Weimei Force

the screens for phones have taken a leap important quality in these price ranges over the last couple of years . Now there is no excuse to put a mediocre screen bad shooting on a phone at 150 euros. In this case, it meets, although half. Let’s see why.

The screen is pretty decent Weimei Force, the colors are good and flare too, until the demand goes up a bit. The limits are as always the visibility outdoors, and viewing angles.

the logic of costs gives reason to quality and good experience, even the most basic phones.

in the case of vision low direct sunlight, you better look for a shadow where we look at the phone , at least in the middle of the day. In the case of viewing angles, not too: if you turn the phone 60 degrees, which probably will not ever we use, blacks become gray and the colors generally darken, but this only happens when turned sideways.

Weimei Force

I would say that this is due largely to the crystal used on the front, which increases the reflexes and worsens the image with the angle . There is concern in any case, but should be aware that other phones already in these prices may better to go in this respect.

On the other hand, a recurring aspect in economic phones is the latency and lack of sensitivity touchpads. In the Force is not too pronounced, in line with such phones. We hassled if we are more advanced users wanting to type fast. Here, sends the patience and help push more firmly. Tecléame slowly to rush.

On the part of the resolution, a screen with 1,280 x 720 dots is sufficient and the right decision at this price. Up more contributes little more detail on some uses, but also snack more resources we are not to squander, as discussed below. and we save on load times and your phone battery. And eye, resolution is sufficient, good and for a phone 5 inch .

Little autonomy in a phone that meets

 Weimei Force

The Force is well behaved. Weimei has done a good job in the software to optimize, but here surely weighed and pretty hand experience brought his years Gionee. General tasks performance is good, with fast, smooth transitions. No crashes . To this help those 3GB of RAM, which give room to frisk a lot of applications and services.

So, we can overlook that this is a mobile with a mediocre processor, it designed a while ago and phones focused on tight budgets. At least for most applications on a phone with HD display, ranging from navigation, social networking and some other casual game.

In my case the test phone the always do under the same parameters. Download all the applications I’m using, communication, organization and entertainment. Bluetooth active 24/7 to synchronize accessories and do not take too careful in if I leave the WiFi enabled or not. Use one SIM (the Force supports two) and use is mixed: a photo, some playing music and social networking, navigation and messaging

Weimei Force

In this scenario, I would say demanding, is where it has been measured performance and your phone battery. Maybe yours is lighter, so surely you can scrape a few more hours of battery life.

However, in my Weimei Force test, battery fly . I am inclined to think that this is, at least in part, by a mismatch in the software. In the battery monitor, you blame the WiFi battery consumption outrageously high, I would say erroneous. Anyway, the phone holds with 2-3 hours of active screen, which may make your day.

The processor is not quite there, but it does its job very good. What else? The battery, at least for now, not so much.

The biggest problem is the high consumption rest of the terminal, which I guess you can be adjusted with a (another, already received the first) update to improve this aspect. consumption of up to 30% during night rest are too high . In fact, for a phone with Android 6.0, the third part of that and it would be much.

The phone has, yes, with their energy saving modes . If only you use in your day to day or long, or just want to extend their useful life periods, you can try to use them. There are two normal that lowers the brightness, turn off connections lock and others, and that essentially turns the phone into a phone call and send SMS.

Weimei Force
Mediatek 6735

Moto G4
Snapdragon 617


V6.2.0: 34,557

v6.1.2: 45,301

Geekbench 3

Single: 529
Multi: 1,582

Single: 712
Multi: 2,950


Chrome: 2,533
Metal: 930
Multicore: 1,536

Chrome: 2,804
Metal: 1,319
Multicore: 1,446

GFX Manhattan 3.0

Onscreen 6.3 fps
Offscreen: 3 fps

GFX T Rex 2.0

Onscreen: 14 fps
Offscren: 8.5 fps


Slingshot 3.0 / 3.1: 202/118
Ice Storm Utd .: 5,328
Ice Storm Extreme: 3,170
Ice Storm: 5,243

Slingshot 3.0 / 3.1: 675/389

PCMark Workbench




Internal: 85.6 MB / s reading, 39.2 MB / s writing
RAM: 3,812 MB / s

PCMark Battery

6 hours 56 min

9 hours 50 min

experience saves the results of a mediocre camera

Weimei Force camera

the Force of Weimei is not a great camera for quality. Of course, many phones give you a pretty big review. Here we must bear in mind two things. The first is that it is a mobile that goes for 160 euros, through Amazon, and is likely to find a substantially lower amount as the months go.

The camera has become a fundamental requirement for any user. In the Force will not find wonders out of best conditions.

The second and more important if you are determined to make this phone is that application camera is good . No darn good, but much better than most phones out there. You can do the basic and not so basic in a simple way. And this, in camera phones, is very important.

Weimei Force

Things like adjust exposure, to switch between modes, perform manual adjustments are a couple of hints . Of course, it has few ways (too many, actually) in which we can squeeze some extra features. Even has a Pro mode, which regulate the exposure, ISO, white balance and focus manually or auto individually as we want.

But the sensor is what is (not listed, or in the software itself), and has limitations. As always, one of the largest is the dynamic range . Parts of the image will come out darker or ‘burned’ depending on where do the exhibition, will have to take care to select it.

As always, what better to do a few samples to see what he is capable Weimei camera Force:

Weimei Force5


Weimei Force4


Weimei Force3

Weimei Force

Weimei Force6

In general we see are low contrast images, with not much detail and ease to trepidarse or burn if scene is not under ideal lighting . It is curious that yes as some of their ways on us functions as gifs from bursts, usually available on phones largest ranges. Just do not align the scene.

Weimei Gif

Android 6 is good engine under the hood of WeOS

Dsc 8931 Copy

For the part that touches the optimization, feelings are bittersweet. The phone works well, it is correct and the layer of personalization not feel at all heavy. Weimei started without much customization but warned that they would have a cape. Here it is.

We have a free desktop application drawer, are scattered all the different desktops, and perhaps too many. This is something recurrent in the manufacturers try to enrich the experience and come to saturate. Luckily, I’d say the Force is saved.

Android 6.0 is based on a phone, unless major surprise, you will not see any later version.

in the Weimei Force see a layer where not only utilities such as flashlight or compass have their own application, but found other utilities such as system administrator (to “free” memory) also are. My recommendation is to not pay too much attention to all that bother you the desktop and conceal this inside a folder … or instaléis another launcher as Nova .

Then we find other applications such as Chameleon, which lets you customize the desktop from two colors that we perceive with camera . Original very, gives a very good look at a couple of taps . We also have an application to select the item (again, this needs to be an application?) Phone, which gives option to leave with icons of Marshmallow default.

Catch Weimei Force

Because obviously, the Weimei Force arrives with Android 6.0 underarm , which is appreciated. This version is very mature and has a few novedades interesting, as we can choose what permissions each app, Direct Share (choose not only which application we want to share, but who within it in a direct way) or Google Now on Tap.

But surprised by the decision made in the notification bar. There are no quick adjustments, they are slipping from below . This is confusing and will Contramarea from other manufacturers, so it is not intuitive. I struggled to find this “control center” copying Apple, and spent several days accessing settings from your own application for such simple tasks like turning on the Wi-Fi. There is not a single clue that are there.

Weimei Force, the opinion of Engadget

Weimei Force

in short, in the Weimei Force we found a fairly balanced terminal, without too many fireworks, aiming to give more than enough for a reasonable price. No fingerprint sensor, or fast charge, or water resistance.

And a little more can you ask for, but I’ll do exercise. Whether by bad optimization, this phone would be a much stronger battery with a tough choice to intense business day. Moreover, the camera is one of the elements most demanding users, and certainly a more powerful sensor raise the note.

the biggest challenge the Force is to convince the user of something fundamental: why would a Weimei

I am aware that it is difficult to meet these desires without raising the price. And is that only 20 euros bulkier the move away from the so appetizing stretch where it is located. Staying where it is, the most difficult to Weimei be sold among those who do not know the brand. Here is good news to know that Gionee is back and do not have exactly a newcomer, however Spanish is said: no experience behind them, and it shows


Design 6.5
Display 6.5
Performance 7.5
Camera 6.5
Software 6.5
Autonomy 5.5


  • layer on Android and the phone responds well
  • Glass 2.5D design improves
  • good starting price
  • with slot microSD
  • 16GB internal and 3 of RAM is good news


  • That little lag touch
  • the back is easily scratched
  • the camera deserves more, although the application is good
  • WeOS limits and messes options Android
  • limited screen brightness outdoors
  • more autonomy is expected, an error has it in check

terminal has been transferred to the test by Weimei . You can see our policy of relations with companies

More than Weimei.

The news Weimei Force analysis: growing to convince users why buy a Weimei was originally published in Engadget Android by David Ortiz .

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