What are the safest seats in the main means of transportation?

What are the safest seats in the main media transportation?

Every day we move in vehicles of various kinds to go to work, go home or get to a certain place on the globe. In them, we tend to choose at “random” to occupy the seat, with a decision, usually of low importance. But choosing the place where we sat can be more influential than many imagine . In fact, it can make the difference between surviving or not a particular accident. Therefore, in Hipertextual we decided to tell what the safest in each of the main means of transport currently seats are.


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The air accidents are, undoubtedly, the most momentous and devastating (but less frequent ) A failure in flight involves, inevitably, the death of several hundred people. However, several studies on air accidents reflect the possibility of reducing the likelihood of death by proper choice of seats inside the aircraft.

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According to a study by the University of Greenwich, the percentage of deaths associated with each seat of an airplane varies, on average, between 28% and 44%. Those at center seats in the rear seats (next to the tail) are the lowest percentage of deaths reflect , with 28%. On the opposite side, those passengers who choose aisle seats of the central rows (wings) are those that show higher mortality rate, with 48%.


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In the case of buses, the probability of survival depends largely on the type of impact received (frontal, lateral, diagonal , etc.). However, statistics show, as a general trend, the safest seats are located in the central rows of the bus . More specifically, those located in the interior of the bus (the hall).

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This deduction It is actually the most logical and sensible, they are the outermost points of the main areas of impact



The railway accidents are among the least likely. . But despite this, it is possible to minimize damage choosing the car seat and in the way we perform properly

The railway accidents are based on two components: derailments and impacts. In the case of impacts, the safest cars are all located behind the second car. In the case of derailments, the safest cars are located at position n + 1 , “n” being the car in the middle point of the train.

Inside of each car, the safest seats are aisle, away from the walls of the train and, therefore, further away from the impact zone.


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In a car, the passengers at risk are those in the front, as most have a frontal impacts and diagonal path. Behind them, the passengers at risk are those in the rear doors, being, therefore, the rear center seat as the safest in a car . In this case damage is minimized for both frontal and side impacts due to its distance to all points of impact.


What are the safest seats in the main means of transportation?
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December 20, 2015

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