What can I do if my Android touch screen has broken?


When we drop the smartphone, no matter how many layers of glass has reinforced that one way or another in the end always just breaking and damaging. If this drop is from a considerable height, damages are often irreparable.

An easy solution is to send it to service brand and pay a huge amount of money to fix the screen. An amount that we would almost be to buy us a new one. So we wonder if there are no more alternatives in that tricky moment our touch screen does not respond.

What can we do if the touch screen is broken? So basically most of the things

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The first obstacle will be remove the unlock screen that keeps us open applications. This task is not trivial and remember that the touch screen does not work. At first we think of BBQscreen or AirDroid , but have a basic paste, they only allow us to see the screen, and we want to fully control it.

adb Commands

For this recommend root access and enable usb debugging. Through a series of adb commands have to disable screen release, for this we will need to remove the requirement of prior password. With these commands you can control most of the events occurring in Android, included to simulate touches on the screen.

Once on the main screen of your smartphone have several possibilities. We can activate the Bluetooth and Wifi to add a bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

Remote Control

Aside from bluetooth, wifi allow us to control our smartphone. The remote control applications are very numerous, and there are a few that allow us to use the mouse and our PC keyboard to control the smartphone. Thanks a we can come to have a control over Android in a similar manner to which we’d have a bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

Usb on the go

There is another option for those who do not want to be messing therefore fear to become involved. The USB-on-the technology -go will be your best ally. For that we need an key to transform mini-usb to usb , you can find two or three euros to any store . If your smartphone has support for USB OTG then simply connect the mouse and work quietly. In the same way we can have a keyboard.

It’s true that having to carry a mouse is possibly larger than the android itself does not make much sense in a world of mobility, but no one will doubt that you are the latest fashion.


For those who do not want to leave home with a broken screen, we also recommend connect to a display and stream. Have we turned our small pileup on a video player that will require fewer touches on the screen.

running the mouse we can still use it for some number of essential tasks such as safeguard the information we have within the smartphone . We can open Dropbox or Titanium Backup and do a backup ahead of our next terminal.

hope this has helped someone. If the touch screen has become a toaster does not make it completely unusable. The choice is yours, but the important thing is to try to find ingenious solutions in difficult times. Do you ever tried? How do solucionasteis

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What can I do if my Android touch screen has broken?
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November 23, 2013

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