What can you do against Netflix Televisa?

What can you do against Netflix Televisa?

Televisa retire in September its Netflix content to make it unique in Blim, this strategy is enough to compete ...

Televisa retire in September its Netflix content to make it unique in Blim, this strategy is enough to compete with Netflix?

last February, Televisa anunció the release of Blim, its own video-on-demand subscription (SVOD, for its acronym in English) for Latin America that is intended to compete, among others, with Netflix who has at least 39% market share in Mexico and a large penetration in other countries.

strategies for Blim are several, and among them is remove content from Netflix Televisa, an action that is scheduled for the end of the third quarter of this year. What is sought with this, and according told Forbes Carlos Sandoval, director of General Blim is exclusive.

Televisa withdraw by September its contents to make them unique in Blim

but what can you do against Netflix Televisa ?, in any case compete. Yes, it sounds obvious, but these movements in the picture of the services offered, call Netflix, Amazon, pay television or Blim, makes options are diverse, the best services and price competitiveness is attractive users and there is the option for the latter to choose what you want to see on the platform of their choice.

Blim can compete and little else because Netflix has captivated her users with their original productions, both series how documentaries, and is also doing the same with his films and animated a whole series with DreamWorks, and by this time offer several important titles and the next, for example will be available Voltron, a classic 80’s.

for its part Blim has a cost of 110 pesos a month in Mexico and provides a catalog of content that includes series, soap operas and movies Televisa, but also films Mexican film, bluckbusters and plan to release films at least 15 new year-end series.

also for year-end hope to increase the number of hours of content from 13,000 hours to 20,000; be present throughout Latin America and the ability to access the platform through consoles Xbox and Play Station, as well as Apple TV and smart TVs.

Netflix has said no fear competition

Is it meaningful to Netflix Televisa remove its contents of that service and make them unique to Blim? The tangible response will take time but we can make a certain reflection derived from the declaraciones Carlos Gomez Uribe, VP Product Innovation Netflix, who says Netflix are not concerned about competition that may involve Blim. And, in any case, the removal of Televisa content is not something extraordinary, so to speak: in the United States, where there are many chains that maintain their exclusive content and sometimes limited to the structure of traditional TV, Netflix has grown as the foam and certainly has changed the way we do (and see) TV .

So, the fanfare that has made Televisa to announce that its content will be exclusive is something nature and have to see if this translates into users or let Netflix or even pay Blim to complete the letter of content they want to access. For many this movement of exclusivity has been the subject of ridicule and for some time has remained fun on social networks with the comparison of the contents of Televisa and Netflix, (long live the Internet).

Finally, there remains a good taste in Mexico increasingly have more choices and go deleting mind the time when there were only Televisa and TV Azteca; in addition to cable services for a long time they were expensive and unprofessional. The Internet services streaming have made the industry and has given us the opportunity to have wonderful things to enjoy and a user-based model and not the sponsors. I said. Long live the Internet


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