“What happened with New Nintendo 3DS?” byvrutalgames

What happened with New Nintendo 3DS ?

Following the launch of the New Nintendo 3DS, few developments regarding games and major releases are.

Last February 15 Nintendo released a new revision of its handheld. We were used to this kind of movement but it seemed that in this case took a step beyond what we had seen so far. Among the new features we found a new 3D effect improved, a new distribution of the top triggers and finally added a second stick, but with a rather controversial way.

Time has shown that the Japanese company has bet directly by the marketing of Amibo figures. New Nintendo 3DS has the advantage of having a integrated NFC chip reader so it is not necessary to purchase the adapter that has recently gone on sale for older models. Nintendo has also continued to win over those who opt for customization with interchangeable covers and exclusive tracks for the console.

What we called the attention of New Nintendo 3DS was the rising power of the console. The processor spent two to four cores, RAM and GPU doubled its power . The VRAM, meanwhile passed from 6 to 10MB. How do these numbers translate? Nintendo promised us a better return on their old games and lots of new titles will only be compatible with the new model of the console. It has been almost eight months and has just reached us the great Xenoblade Chronicles X. What happened to that have not been released more titles? Is the purchase of the new console is justifiable?

For developers is a risk bet on a single console Keep in mind that in the face of developers poses a risk to launch an exclusive New Nintendo 3DS title. Discard millions of potential buyers who have earlier versions of the console does not seem a very smart move. Only Nintendo could gamble with vendeconsolas who could not say no.

It is also possible that the company has kept an ace up his sleeve and will soon announce the arrival of games Gamecube Console Virtual. The fin Club Nintendo could mean the birth of the promised new system to finally unify all accounts and shopping. On the horizon we have the agreement to launch mobile games with DeNA and the new NX platform that could come sooner than we think. Hopefully we see a Nintendo Direct before the end of the year. It remains to be seen whether focuses on WiiU or surprise us with new ads.


“What happened with New Nintendo 3DS?” byvrutalgames
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October 14, 2015

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