What is and what is Android Beam?

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Many of you will have it on your Android device and even the utility will know you can have. Android Beam, located within the settings of our device and just use the little establishment it has had on society.

Since the incorporation of NFC on mobile devices, There manufacturers like LG or Sony who wanted to exploit the technology and give it the use it deserves. And the Google himself, who created Android Beam in order to further exploit the NFC besides as a payment method that is also a good idea.

What is Android Beam

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To talk about something one must first know what it is. Android Beam is a feature introduced in Android since version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and reached so far by the last Nexus device manufactured by Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus.

This utility was based on NFC (near field communications) and consisted sending information between two terminals with only their backs together (which is where the NFC chip is) and wireless form , of course. In short, you take your device, you put it attached to another person, both devices are detected and can send information to the other person. No need for Bluetooth, WiFi or spending data.

To what use Android Beam

Once we know what Android Beam is and how it works, now we will explain certain utilities you have. We have seen that used to send information but .. what information.

With Android Beam can send someone a contact information , images web pages , Youtube Videos , application links to the Play Store , locations Maps and other . Certainly a very large technology that is rarely used.

To send such a picture, we would go to the gallery, we would select the image, put our backs to the other device will vibrate a little and will “Touch to Share “. At the touch and photography will be sent to another person with considerable speed. I tested this and the truth is that the other person arrived almost instantly.

Cobra importance Android


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Apparently, Google wants to be given importance to and so Android Beam evidenced in the new version of Android, Android L. Now, when you click on Sharing in this menu We also incorporates the option of Android Beam .

Maybe Google thinks that this technology is the future and therefore want to force users to use it. Because it’s much more comfortable sending a picture, a song on Youtube or simply your contact to a person you just met simply pasting both terminals, do not you think?.

Is the future

Here comes the part

opinion and my view on NFC and Android Beam . I think it’s a great technology if the world received it with open arms and users report back on how to use it, would expand more and more applications will be created taking advantage of this technology.

to what’s currently NFC is used for payments in the few establishments, at least in Spain, which will allow it. But I think if it was used more like Google wants, using Android Beam, calaría only as payment method.

What do you think about Android Beam?, Would you have ever used?

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What is and what is Android Beam?
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July 3, 2014

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