What is Android System WebView, and why it is important to keep it updated

What is Android System WebView, and why it is important to keep it updated

Updating the applications on your Android device, you may have found some time with ‘the WebView in the Android system’, an app that is constantly updated, but that we cannot open, delete, or interact with it (at least in the way that what we usually do with the rest of applications).

Despite this, Android System WebView is one of the components most relevant to the time of developing apps in Android, and it is quite important to keep it updated, both for reasons of safety and to make sure that the applications that use it work properly. Therefore, it is appropriate to explain what is this component, and how it works on our Android devices.

Android System WebView, or how to navigate within your apps

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The information on Android System WebView is detailed on the page of Android developers, that explains that is a component that allows applications to display web content.

“the WebView in Android is a component of the system with the technology of Chrome that allows Android apps to display web content. This component is preinstalled on your device and you must keep it updated to ensure that you receive the latest security updates and other bug fixes”. Google.

As we see, the description of the WebView is simple: it is the component that allows us to surf the web within the apps themselves. But, what advantage brings this to users and developers? Let’s look at an example.

In this example we open a web page, but we are still within the application, without moving to the third-party browser.

In the GIF we can see that, for example, when you open a link within Facebook, loads a web page. However, when we turn to the multi-tasking we note that we are still within Facebook, has not had to open Chrome, which has several implications.

WebView allows us to navigate safely and quickly within applications, in addition to achieve that the developers keep us inside of apps, enabling access to web roles within the same

For users, we have the assurance that, to be of Google and technology Chrome, WebView is a fast and secure way to surf the web within the apps. On the part of the developers, are simple to integrate links to external pages or features of the app that can only be set via the web, without requiring users to leave the app to go to the external browser.

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therefore, it is important to always have updated Android System WebView, both to ensure that we are using a safe version to optimize its performance.

“The objects in the WebView allows you to display web content as part of the design of your activity, but lack some of the features of the browsers fully developed. A WebView is useful when you need greater control over the user interface and advanced configuration options that allow you to embed web pages in an environment specially designed for their application.” Google.

needless to say, to be a component that allows you to navigate the in-app, is more limited than the full browser Google Chrome. However, to be designed for specific questions from the application, this helps the page load faster.

the WebView in the Android system

WebView in the Android system

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What is Android System WebView, and why it is important to keep it updated
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December 2, 2019

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