What is the ideal size for a smartphone screen? Android Question of the Week

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Hello everyone, and welcome to another week EAL weekly section in which, in addition to ask you something about the world of Android, you can take the odd prize just by participating.

One week we bring you a question on Ask Android. If you remember when you were wondering the ideal screen size for a tablet , going on track, because today I wonder what’s your favorite display size on a Smartphone …


Within the Android smartphones have all kinds of screens: from the smallest size devices with a very content to real atrocities, such as Smartphone and Tablet hybrids that are becoming so popular in this year … There sizes for all tastes and all pockets (literally), and so today we ask what’s your favorite display size among all possible 😉

To my taste, the ideal size is around of 5 inches, and I will explain an example: I had to return to the Desire HD for a while ( Has anyone heard of the sudden death of Galaxy SIII? ). Once again I have the SIII in my hands, I have seen the difference in screen really is very crucial, as it determines the user experience completely. And I have also seen an Android that has a 5 “screen is about me a lot more comfortable.

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continue our shirts and raffle stickers. To participate you must fill out the survey that is on these lines to participate and leave a comment with the same data that you put in the survey. All other rules remain the same (and are available here ), and Award remains a shirt and a sticker of Android, as well I said before.

The deadline for entries is Sunday (10 in this case) at 23:00. Luck!

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What is the ideal size for a smartphone screen? Android Question of the Week
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February 8, 2013

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