What is the level of terror alert in Spain?

What is the level of terror alert in Spain ?

Following the attacks in Paris, Hollande’s government takes various measures to deal with the terrorist threat. What is the level of alert in Spain?

After the terrible attacks Paris that occurred during the afternoon of yesterday, in which at least 120 people were killed, the Interior Ministry announced the revision of the level of terror alert in Spain. The call for the Commission Threat Assessment to analyze Terrorism Alert Level (NAA) is to determine the risk of terrorist attack.

The protocols were put in preventive up as a result of the attacks of March 11 2004 in Madrid. This plan initially envisaged three levels of risk, and during the first months of development, Spain remained low risk 1. London bombings of 7 July 2005 provoked an increased risk to the level maximum. That same year first amended Plan Counterterrorist, in which four risk levels were established with two intensities. Since September 2005 until today, the Interior Ministry activated only level 3 out of 4 in the following cases:

  • From previous form to the general elections of 2008
  • During the proclamation of King Philip VI
  • Following the January 2015 attacks against the magazine Charlie Hebdo

In May this year again proceeded to modify the protocol, in order to strengthen the protection of potential terrorist targets and research organizations and neutralization these threats. The plan now includes Five levels of risk : level 1 means low risk, moderate risk level 2, level 3 medium risk, high risk level 4 and level 5 very high risk. Each of these categories sets specific measures in terms of threats like terrorists attacks in Paris.

On June 26, 2015, the Ministry of Interior decided to raise the risk of indecent Level 4. The decision was made after learning of the assessment report nivel terror alert, which saw the attacks occurred in Charlie Hebdo, Tunisia, Kuwait and Somalia. In the last hours, after initial confusion caused by the attacks in Paris, the Government has confirmed that it has not yet increased the risk of attack. It will be after the meeting convened by the Department of Jorge Fernandez Diaz if you confirm if finally Spain remains at level 4 as usual or upgrade the level of terrorist alert.


What is the level of terror alert in Spain?
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November 14, 2015

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