What is the origin of “Hello world”?

What is the origin of "Hello world" ?

The print Hello World message on the terminal screen is the prime example of any programming book. What is the origin of this famous example that has marked thousands of programmers?

In the 70s, programming and management of computers was a task reserved Scientists present in advanced research centers or, failing that, in government institutions. In the twenty-first century, however, the situation is completely different. Computers have taken various forms and have stepped fully into our lives.

Programming, in the 70s, was something reserved for a select group of people This phenomenon has also accompanied him, inevitably, increased interest in programming , an essential aptitude for the development of computers. In the 70s, this knowledge was reserved for a very specific group of people. Today, however, the number of programmers, or people with a basic knowledge of programming language- is very high, thanks to the increased accessibility of this knowledge. On the Web can find dozens of tutorials and books that show, step by step, the bases of the major programming languages, opening an infinite world of possibilities

On this, it is very interesting a very specific detail. The vast majority of books and tutorials regardless of programming language that Sean first lessons taught in their screen printing “Hello World” or, alternatively, “Hello, world.” – It is a pattern repeated in most programming books from the 70s, marking a million programmers worldwide (usually the first program written, compiled and executed by all of them). But what is its origin? Why this message has become so popular?

 Hello World

Brian Kernighan.

To discover its origin is necessary to go back to the decade of the 70. At that time, as I said above, programming was reserved for a very specific group of people These Brian Kernighan, author of one of the most famous books of programming history was. C Progamming Language (1978). Previously, also had written in 1973 a book called A Tutorial Introduction to the Programming Language B , which first introduced the example of the famous “Hello World”.

main () {
extrn a, b, c;
putchar (a); putchar (b); putchar (c); putchar (‘ n!’); *
} 1 ‘hell’;
b ‘or w’
c ‘orld’;

The specific reason that Hello World was included in those books is unknown. “I remember I saw a cartoon series starring an egg and a chicken in the chicken say” Hello World “often” said Kernighan to Forbes India. However, the writer of two books can not say whether that was the exact reason I decided to include this message in their books. However, it remains a curious coincidence that has marked many generations of programmers.


What is the origin of “Hello world”?
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January 9, 2016

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