What is the ‘Simple Mode’ for the mobile Huawei and how it is used

What is the 'Simple Mode' for the mobile Huawei and how it is used

The personalization layer of the mobile Huawei EMUI, includes a lot of additional features ideal for those looking to get the most out of the mobile, although it can be somewhat overwhelming for some people. Interestingly, the way to escape the overdose of features is with one more feature: the simple mode.

EMUI account with a simple way, which, as its name suggests, simplifies the interface of the system, increases the size of the source and, in short, makes the use of mobile phone is more simple, but without re-a feature phone.

How to activate the simple mode of EMUI

to Activate the simple mode of the mobile Huawei is as simple as its name, although the most complicated thing will be to find the menu since it is a bit hidden. You must enter the Settings of Android and go to the section and System updates. There should show up the option simple Mode. Enters and plays in Enable.


What you change in the simple way

this is Done, it will be activated without further delay the simple mode. This changes the launcher to default Huawei, or rather to a special version of the same, with less options and with larger icons with rows of up to three icons.


The launcher with no app drawer, so they are displayed all the installed applications spread across the different pages. Unlike other modes simple or simple of other layers of customization, you can keep using widgets or you can customize the home screen by changing icons site.

The simple mode set to the font size to the largest possible and in all applications, although you can reverse this setting in the settings. By the way, speaking of the settings, they are also simplified into eight sections with the most important options. However, if you need to change other settings, you can enter More settings to find all the options.


The applications of Huawei (phone, calculator, calendar, etc) are perfectly suited to this size of print giant, though some applications may have visual problems. Moreover, the simple mode is not much more than that: a few easy settings, a launcher with larger icons and a font size very large.

therefore, the Simple Mode is used as the normal mode, with the only difference being that the applications have the text larger and the home screen has less icons and settings have less options.

How to get out of the simple mode


If you’ve joined in the simple way, wanting or not, and you want to return to the normal mode, the way to do this is from the Settings. You will see there the option Out of the simple mode (although it is normal to not be able to read all the text to be very large). Tap on it and return everything to normal.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that if you’ve used another launcher other than Huawei, it will use the launcher standard Huawei. Therefore, if you use for example Nova Launcher, you will need to go to the settings – Applications – default Applications – start application and change it.

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What is the ‘Simple Mode’ for the mobile Huawei and how it is used
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December 25, 2019

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