What it means to Excelsior and by what Stan Lee used that word

What means Excelsior, and why Stan Lee used that word

The sad death Stan Lee at 95 years of age has left an enormous void. The father of the modern day superhero was already a legend and now will be even more so. There are a multitude of aspects memorable throughout his career, but only a word that makes us think of the inevitable in him, but sure that not everyone in the world knows what it means Excelsior and why Stan Lee used it as both.

To find the time in which he began to use it we have to go back to the 60’s, as Lee wrote a monthly column for the and decided to find a unique word with which to say goodbye. The own Lee commented in an interview given in 2007 to io9 the reason that led him to do so:

I Had a lot of expressions with which to finish my columns and discovered that the competition was always imitándolas and using them. So I told myself I was going to find an expression that they were not going to know what it meant, or even how to write it. Hence Excelsior and fortunately never caught up with him.

New York

Excelsior is a word that comes from Latin and means “up“, but it’s also the official motto of the state of New York from 1778. Lee lived in the capital of the state, the more likely it is that taken out of there, although never confirmed anything about it. In fact, he himself published a tweet in 2010 explaining the meaning it had for him and the reason why I used it so much on Twitter:

Finally, what do you mean Excelsior? “Oh, onward and upward for the greater glory,” That is what I desire when I just tweet! ¡Excelsior!

In short, Stan Lee began to use the word, to be able to differentiate from the competition without fear that he copiasen and then ended up becoming a personal emblem with the that displaying your optimism and the good wishes they had for their fans.

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What it means to Excelsior and by what Stan Lee used that word
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November 13, 2018

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