What it was worse end, that of ‘Lost’ or the ‘Dexter’? We explained this chart

Worst Finals

No irrefutable and unambiguous classify the end of a series as the best or the worst in history , there come into play too subjective personal opinions, but perhaps this graphic approach. It is a collection of mean scores in IMDB of the last chapters of the most popular shows and comparison with the average score series.

still a subjective classification but at least numerically collects the views of tens of thousands of users . The black point reflects the average score of the series, while the arrow points to the average of the last chapter. Accordingly, ‘Dexter’ and ‘Dragon Ball Z’ out badly stops , with nearly 9 overall score and less than 5 in the last episode, which only worsens’ Two and a Half Men ‘.

It seems that not like the ending of ‘ True Blood ‘, and certainly did not the ‘ How I Met Your Mother ‘. Surprising the situation of ‘The Sopranos’ in this graph, a score above 9 passes a 7 on his last episode; the end was not understood at the time and still understood now. And ‘ Lost ‘? Also on the downside, but just falls from 8.5 to 8.1

Best Final

The top of the table leaves few surprises. ‘Breaking Bad’ is the series finale with the highest score on IMDB , exceeding its average 9,5.Le continue ‘Two meters underground’ and ‘The Office’, also finding some recent final as ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’. But if we look at the complete graphical see a few curiosities


Sort by the difference between the mean of the series and the average of the last episode.

Surprise see ‘Glee’ as the series most improved in the last chapter from the mean of the series; it seems that Ryan Murphy infumable derived from the series of FOX was rewarded at the end. They also experience improvements as large series ‘Charmed’, ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘The OC’ and ‘ER’.

In the middle we have a series like ‘ Heroes ‘, praised in his first season and vilified in everything else, just get differences between their average score and final score . Neither series as’ Veronica Mars ‘flinch,’ Entourage ‘or’ The West White House Wing’ Roma ‘.

Then you have all the graphics sorted by different parameters.

Media Series

Sort by average of the series.
Media End

Sort according to the average of the last chapter.
average alphabetical

Arranged alphabetically

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What it was worse end, that of ‘Lost’ or the ‘Dexter’? We explained this chart
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August 25, 2015

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