What matters is the total size, not just inch


One of the great innovations of this past CES 2014 has been undoubtedly the new terminal Sony Z1 Compact model as we saw by their technical characteristics and as my partner Danny said in his touchdown , is a phone that many people had been waiting in the Android world, a smartphone with high end specs but with a size content hence the name, which stands 4.3 inches as a great option for those not wanting to go to 5 inches (or more) to enjoy maximum performance.

However, although the Z1 Compact becomes very attractive to see its small size, the fact remains that could have been yet more compact because even with 4.3-inch size and bevel the edges around the screen is not that are minimal, but quite the opposite, so they how important is the size of the screen to the size of the terminal as a whole Yes, of course, is one of the most crucial factors in the final set, but it is not everything, so a reddit user wanted to compare the new smartphone from Sony with the other terminals celebrity Marketplace:

comparative sizes smartphones2

As you can see, there are manufacturers with true dedication reduce to a minimum the bevels of their devices and make them as compact as possible, including a lot of attention position Moto X . Motorola did a great job in the design of its flagship since, although it does not seem to be with the Z1 Compact (4.3 inches) and the Lumia 920 (4.5), the Moto X has 4.7 inches, so not always a smaller screen size is important to assess the full size of a terminal, but rather its design to complete.

In this picture we can see a great example in the LG G2 , which, with 5.2 inches, overall size is smaller than the Xperia Z1 and almost the same as the Nexus 5. We must recognize the great effort reduction bevels in the G2, but of course, it helps the lack of side buttons, or we can also fix the HTC One, that with fewer inches than the rest, due to BoomSound speaker system is larger than the Galaxy S4 (5.0 “). Therefore, the final analysis, efforts Manufacturer in the design are crucial to the final size of the phone rather than the size of the display in inches.

E you can even raise another front for this debate and screen space is occupied by pure navigation buttons Android, or layered like Sony, even with Kitkat Immersive mode, becomes a lost screen space , and more fectivo terminals as HTC or Samsung, but that the better we talk another day.

So for you, what would your ideal size?


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What matters is the total size, not just inch
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January 19, 2014

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