What nervous before the arrival of santa Claus? Games Google relieve the wait

Although it may evoke memories difficult for those who are not, Christmas is a time of excitement, and the joy of the children full of life. The small are excited by the arrival of santa Claus (and, of course, of the Magi), emotion in the present digital and can be enjoyed in a special way for the proliferation of applications. Google turns to look to the families with the application Continues to santa Claus, designed for the hobby that relieves the ‘tense’ waiting for the iconic figure to come to house and leave gifts.app, which is available in Google Play and via the Internet, it has that name because its functionality prominent is the follow the route of santa Claus (and the reindeer, of course) the ‘D’day, which is activated when it arrives. The (hypnotic) countdown of the home page reminds of the time that is left.Google proposes myriad of games and activities. You can buy programming knowledge thanks to the elves, to discover how to live the holidays in other countries and to stimulate the creativity through drawing and painting. The animated shorts included are a nice add-on.To cite games in particular, are The selfie santa Claus, Creates an elf, Area, nevada test, Guide the ball, Where is santa Claus? (in the style of ‘Where’s Wally?’), you Elf-powered!, Ski elvish and Fighting ball of snow.The Wizard Google also allows you to amplify the experience and find out what things are doing in these moments santa Claus. The issue linked with the classic option of the pleasant and magical old call small.This possibility can be carried out through applications such as NPP – North Pole Portable, thanks to which the user create and share custom messages. In turn, there are large surfaces, such as El Corte Inglés, opt for this dynamic (the web ‘The call of Christmas’), from which we have heard not a few parents in the groups of WhatsApp.
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What nervous before the arrival of santa Claus? Games Google relieve the wait
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December 19, 2019

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