What the end of privacy? An application used by the Police in the united STATES identifies almost any person with a photo

More than 600 agencies and bodies of the order in the united States have begun to use during the past year, a new application of facial recognition that allows you to immediately identify almost anyone, reported Saturday The New York Times.The application, Clearview, uses for this purpose a database with more than 3,000 million images collected from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and a multitude of websites.Internet giants as Google have avoided until now to offer this type of technology for the enormous privacy issues it raises.Meanwhile, without arousing a lot of attention and in the middle of a great secrecy, Clearview has been developed and has begun to market it,, mainly among Police forces, although it has also sold licenses to some companies for security purposes.Among others, they have the application the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and numerous forces of local Police, says the journal.The system allows you to upload the photo of an individual and immediately see public images of that person along with links to the websites on which they appeared.Thus, besides the identity, the user can have access often to the occupation, place of residence or acquaintances of that person.The New York Times analyzed the code of the app and discovered that it includes an option to be used alongside augmented reality glasses, which could potentially allow users to identify any person that they see.Clearview was founded by the australian Hoan Ton-That, responsible for several applications, some successful, to mobile phones, and Richard Schwartz, assistant Rudolph Giuliani during his time as mayor of New York.In addition, financial support for part of the magnate of Silicon Valley Peter Thiel, an investor close to Donald Trump and is involved in companies such as Facebook.The forces of order have in the US access to facial recognition systems for years, but traditionally limited to find in photographs in the possession of the authorities, as portraits of arrested.Meanwhile, some of the larger cities have banned their agents to use this type of technology by the privacy issues that raises.
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What the end of privacy? An application used by the Police in the united STATES identifies almost any person with a photo
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January 19, 2020

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