What to do if you do not work the voice messages in WhatsApp

Problems with Voice Notes In Whatsapp

do you Have problems with voice messages from WhatsApp? Send voice notes is very simple but sometimes due to multiple reasons we might not work correctly. To fix it there is a trick miraculous work always but yes there are a number of basic instructions we can follow to try to correct the problem. Here you have a small basic tutorial to fix the problems with the voice messages of WhatsApp.

voice messages don’t work: common solutions

Clear Cache

If you see the message “could Not complete the download, try again later” or “Cannot set up the voice recorder at this time“, then it is possible that yes you have a problem with WhatsApp. This can be due for example to an update that has desconfigurado WhatsApp or that you have some setting incorrect when they should not.

What to do in these cases? the Let’s start with the basics. Do you have an internet connection? We understand that yes. Do you have the media volume uploaded? Android has several volume levels and it is possible that despite the fact that the call itself is good, the media volume corresponding to the notes of voice may be lowered and, therefore, is not to listen to you.

If you logically that you have already proven, then we move on to the second basic recommendation. All Android applications allow you to restart them and leave them with the basic configuration. To do this we must go to Settings > Applications > WhatsApp > Force stop. With this we will close the application. Then we just have to try it again and see if the problem is fixed. It is the equivalent to a restart of the whole life.

If the restart does not work, try to clear the cache. To do this we need to do something similar. We are going to Settings > Applications > WhatsApp > Storage > Clear cache and Clear storage. With this we will delete data that may cause interference and problems with the voice notes. A similar solution to delete the application and reinstall it from Google Play. One last point before we continue; it is always recommended that you also restart the phone after clearing the cache.

Reset the language, date, or delete the folder

Voice Memos

In the event that the clearing the cache does not work you should go through various solutions that you can we work. We’re going to see them.

The first case is that it is a problem with the language and the voice playback. To do this we have to go to Settings > Languages and check that there is one chosen. Then from speech Synthesis you must check that there is an engine of synthesis chosen, it is typically the Google but we could have another.

The date and time of the phone are also important for WhatsApp to work properly. In this case we must check that it does not have desconfigurado by a bad shutdown.

Another possibility is that you have some type of corrupt file in the folder of WhatsApp Voice Notes. Therefore a solution would be to connect the mobile to the computer and delete the folder of WhatsApp Voice Notes. To delete it nothing happens as if the notes of voice I back to work this folder will be created automatically.

Problems with the SD memory


we Continue with a very common problem that affects mostly older mobile. It happens that sometimes the voice notes are saved on the microSD card instead of the internal memory. And this may be a reason that we do not work because if the microSD card does not work, the voice messages may give you problems.

we Recommend that you change the microSD card by another to verify that it is not she who is causing the problems. To complement, you can enable the option from Settings > Storage internal memory and not the microSD is the default option. Another possibility is that there is no more space in the SD memory, in this case we recommend that you delete other files to get enough of it.

This type of problems with the microSD is easy to detect since the error messages of WhatsApp tend to indicate. It is saying that the ‘download has failed‘, ‘audio is not available‘ or ‘file do not exists‘.

Check permissions


Our last recommendation is to verify that WhatsApp has the necessary permissions. To do this we have to go to Settings > Applications > WhatsApp > Permissions > Microphone. In case that is not marked we will not be able to send voice notes, although it does receive them.

These have been our tips to try to solve your problems with the voice messages. It is also possible that you do not work the trick of bringing the mobile to listen for the headset. This is because some mobile phones have a proximity sensor. Whatever your situation, we leave the comments open for you to talk about them with you all how you could fix it.

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What to do if you do not work the voice messages in WhatsApp
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September 8, 2018

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