What’s new Android: we reviewed the background of the great changes of the notifications


With each release of a new version of Android your system of notifications evolves to offer each time a better user experience, and Android will not be the exception.

During the last day of the Google I/O 2017, the team of Android showed in detail what it is for my the best of the new version: what’s new in your notifications system.

Android presents important developments in their notifications to provide a perfect, and it seems that finally achieved thanks to the following new features:

channels notification

The applications they want to keep us informed of everything that happens with their claims, but sometimes we do not want to tell us all and we prefer to receive certain notifications. For example, the application of a company of flights you notify us only of our flights and we didn’t’t bombard you with their offers or points program.

luckily, many applications allow us to manage which type of notifications we want to receive from their own settings, but many other applications don’t give us to choose from, and the user only has three options: to block from the system all the notifications, uninstall the app, or endure those notifications that do not interest us.


in order To eliminate such inconvenience, in Android Or the applications will need to sort your notifications by category to be managed from the operating system itself. The settings of the system will know the different categories of notifications for each application for which the user decides which type of information you want to receive.


So when you receive a notification with your points balance you’ll be able to tell the system with a long press on the notification that you don’t want notices about your points program but continue to receive other notifications of the application. From the system settings you can manage the notifications of the different categories of each application.


For each category of notification you’ll be able to customize the sound, the vibration, adjust its importance or if you want to show on the lock screen, among other settings. Also you will be able to access the additional settings of the application.


Adjust the importance of each category


In Android disappears, and the priority of notifications to give way to the importance. Now for each category is the user that decides between the four levels of the importance of this notification:

  • Urgent: the sound and display on the screen.
  • High: sound.
  • Medium: No sound.
  • Low: Without sound or interruptions visual.

New hierarchy in the notification bar

Android, Or puts order in the notification bar, creating a hierarchy. The notifications are no longer displayed in the order of arrival, but now each type of notification will have their reserved space in the notifications.


  • First place: notifications in progress as a call, timer, music, navigation guidance, etc…
  • Second space: notifications sent from the person to person, that is to say, messages, missed calls, etc…
  • Third space: The general notifications, such as reminders, events, updates, etc…
  • Fourth space: The notifications are less important, the type “By the way…”, where we inform you of the time, traffic, promotions, suggestions, etc…

In that order will be displayed on Android Or notifications, but also in each space notifications will have a different design to be very well differentiated.

The notifications are more visually

  • Notifications: Now use background colors and will be used iconography and typography systematized.


  • Notifications media: will Create a background based on the album cover of the album or movie screen background and customize the color of controls.


  • Notifications person-to-Person: Now you will read more text message without the need of having to expand the notification. More improvements will come in the final version of Android O.


  • Notifications “By the way”: To be the least important now will be shown in a single line of text.


this is the new design of the notification bar


With the new hierarchy and design we have a beautiful notification bar that unveils a new transition very eye-catching. As you’re going down little by little, the bar will form notifications always showing at the bottom the rest of the icons of the notifications are for show.


And finally, finally, you can snooze notifications


sometimes we can not answer in the time that comes to us a message, and not to forget to do it later on Android Or allows us to postpone notifications to receive later notification by way of reminder.

here is our overview of the new features of the notifications of Android, although it will not be the only, Google has informed that will come more in the final version of Android O.

Via | Android Developers
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What’s new Android: we reviewed the background of the great changes of the notifications
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May 20, 2017

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