What’s new in Whatsapp: how to activate the unlock by fingerprint and shield against unwanted

Whatsapp has launched a couple of interesting updates in the last few weeks that will be very useful in the future: unlock by fingerprint and the option deciding to enter in groups.Users will be able to add a new measure of security thanks to the lock using fingerprint available for all Android phones.Earlier this year, WhatsApp launched the features Touch ID and Face ID to unlock iPhone, and these days they have filed a similar function of unlock by fingerprint for all phones Android mobile compatible.To enable this function you have to have the last update of the application, once there, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Lock with fingerprint. The user will have to activate this function and save its footprint in the own ‘app’.When you activate this function, the user will also have the possibility of putting a timer for the automatic lock, being able to choose between immediately, in a minute or in 30 minutes. Once activated the application will prevent anyone from reading your messages, however this function does not block the calls.To activate this function is a very simple process and fast. In the first place, the user will have to open Whatsapp and access to the upper right-hand corner of the screen, where there are three points.There you will find a menu of options, where you will have to choose Settings. Once there you will need to select Account and subsequently Privacy. If the application is updated you will see the menu Groups.Once selected, this category of Groups, will appear three options: Everyone, My contacts or My contacts, except. The user will have to choose which of the options suits them best; if you choose the latter, that is to say ‘All of my contacts, except for’, you will have to manually select the contacts that you want to deny the ability to add to chat groups.As well, administrators of groups that don’t can be added to a group chat will have the option to send the user an invitation by private message.
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What’s new in Whatsapp: how to activate the unlock by fingerprint and shield against unwanted
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November 17, 2019

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