WhatsApp and to archive conversations in his final beta [APK]


last updated beta of WhatsApp has entered number of new features that allow you to manage the conversations we have open.

Now, if you have many open conversations, we have to close some to find more easily, but not with the need to eliminate conversation. Ie conversation can store , leaving to be present in the list of active conversations.

There will be a where we can see them archived conversations and may use the search, but still has not activated . The only downside we will have in group discussions, as they often do not remember the name of a group. Still is a good option to remove from the list those conversations that it normally.

However, this feature is still in beta, so do not know how will be the final version. It is not translated the message and left to polish some aspects. For anyone who wants to try it, you must go to the :

Download WhatsApp beta 2.11.294

wanderest missing some functionality like this?

Thanks @ Alvarez_Ivan

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WhatsApp and to archive conversations in his final beta [APK]
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July 15, 2014

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