Whatsapp Creator Plus is passed Telegram + with a custom client

Telegram Plus

Users they do a very thorough safe use of WhatsApp who remember the Plus version. This edition of the original apk allowing customization a lot of details and how long was with us hasta its creators decided to ban them that everyone used the official version. Its creator, rafalense, still active and decided to skip this service to end on a new platform: Telegram.

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram allows customers using third and in Android there are plenty of alternatives . In this case, the proposal passes rafalense add a few extra features but mainly to offer more customization options in the interface


The main novelty of the Telegram + found in the ability to customize a lot of elements in the interface. From the colors to the size of typography, we can create different themes according to our tastes. The truth is that the number of choices is great and we’ll throw a good time doing different combinations.

Once you have created a topic, we can save for a backup or to share with our friends . Speaking of sending files to other people, with Telegram + we can send music files and play them directly from the application without exiting to another.

We can also hide the phone number for the rest do not see and, moreover, we have the options Telegram itself provides. The truth is that it is difficult to get the official , works well, but this modified version is an option to consider for those who like to fully customize their conversations.

Telegram +

Telegram + Communication

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Whatsapp Creator Plus is passed Telegram + with a custom client
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March 10, 2015

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