WhatsApp does not appear in Google Play or in the profile of a developer

WhatsApp does not appear in Google Play or in the profile of developer

If you try to search for WhatsApp right now on Google Play you’ll find a surprise: it does not appear.

WhatsApp has “disappeared” from Google Play and the profile of the developer, which right now only shows the WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Wallpaper. However, it is possible to access your tab and download the app from your link.

it Is unknown the reason why the WhatsApp has ceased to be listed on Google Play. All indications are that the company has cancelled the publication of the app, because as stated in the documentation Google, “if you cancel the publication of an application, users will be able to continue using and receiving updates, but new users will not be able to search for it in Google Play or download it”.

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WhatsApp As you can see, WhatsApp is not listed in the Google Play Store or when we seek or when we access your profile developer. However, it appears in the list of applications with updates.

it Is unknown which is the reason by which WhatsApp has ceased to be displayed in the store of Google applications. Recently, the National Institute for Cybersecurity (INCIBE) alertaba of a security flaw in WhatsApp for Android that allowed an attacker to run malicious code via a GIF and get user’s personal information and even record videos or audios. In the words of the Office of Security of the internet User are:

“This fault is found in one of the libraries that handles automatically play GIF files received in our Android device. This vulnerability could also affect to the gallery of images of the device, since the opening, some devices display the thumbnail gif in execution.

In this way, an attacker will be enough to send a GIF file with a malicious code to the victim, so that by the time this open the gallery from WhatsApp, the code will run when you try to load the preview of the GIF.”

Be that as it may, it is not known if this will be the reason why WhatsApp would have hidden the app store. Note that this only happens in Android, because in the iOS App Store yes is displayed. From Facebook Spain, the company behind WhatsApp have failed to give explanations about the reasons of this disappearance in the search for WhatsApp in the Play Store.

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WhatsApp does not appear in Google Play or in the profile of a developer
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October 11, 2019

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