WhatsApp for Android adds new emojis


If this morning we saw as from next week llegarán emojis new Android now see as WhatsApp for Android has already been updated through their website to add and the new emojis to enjoy a few weeks iPhone users with updated iOS 9.1 .

WhatsApp for Android implements the emojis iOS version Unicode 8.0 so that when someone with an iPhone send us one of the new emojis can see it from our Android devices, but until a few weeks these new emojis not reach everyone through Google Play. For now we have to download and install the APK version 2.12.373


Whatsapp Emojis

Because the lot of new emojis that have come to WhatsApp, have rearranged the emojis putting new sections. Now we have paragraphs of expressions and people, animals and nature, food and drink, sports, travel and places, objects and symbols.

Among the new emojis we can find new expressions as the thoughtful, closed mouth, sick, and robot nerd, new animals

Whatsapp Emojis

New emojis

1 Smileys And People Copy

 2 Animals and Nature

3 Food And Drink

 4 Activity

5 Travel And Places

 6 Objects

 7 Symbols

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WhatsApp for Android adds new emojis
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December 3, 2015

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