WhatsApp for Android: these six developments are now available to all


WhatsApp is updated frequently, taking advantage of channel beta to test the updates before you activate them for the millions of users that use this messaging application. We will inform you of the novelties as they appear first in the beta, but just as important is when they get all in the official release. In the end, not everyone is a beta tester.

WhatsApp has just been updated to version 2.17.427, that includes several of the innovations that we have collected on these days in previous betas: as a tool for free space, the new emoji and other. A total of six developments, which we will explain below.

Release space


With time, the chats of WhatsApp can occupy quite a bit, especially if we are talking about groups where we send many photos and videos. It is now possible to free space deleting selectively images, animated GIFS, videos, or messages in any chat.

Admin Messages

you will Find this new tool in the Settings of WhatsApp – storage and Data – storage Usage. Here you will see a list of your chats sorted by the size they occupy in the cell. Tap on one of the chats to see all the saved items and click Manage messages to choose what you want to delete.

More emoji


Recently WhatsApp is “divorced” from the emojis for iOS including their own designs (which are still very similar to iOS, however). The version 2.17.427 adds the emojis Unicode 10.0, 56 new emojis.

So, now you can send a mage, a zombie, a genie, a mermaid, broccoli, pretzel, dumplings, a man with a monocle, a face vomiting, a brain, scarves, gloves, a cap, a T-Rex, a grasshopper, a coconut, a UFO, and more.



The stories of WhatsApp will also receive a small added in the form of stickers by dynamic. Concretely, there are two stickers of two clocks: one analog and another digital. By including them in a photo set the current time, as it could not be otherwise.

Touching on the sticker once it is added to the image, you can change your style. There is a lot of variety, the truth, with a clear design and another dark for both watches. In total, then, you have four designs of watches to add to your stories of WhatsApp.

New giant heart

Wa giant Heart again (left) and old (right)

The oldest of the place -or those that send many hearts in WhatsApp – you remember that, when you send a single normal heart creates a giant heart and anime, which pulses with a life of its own. Well, even though WhatsApp has recently renewed its emojis, still of the old design until now.

The new giant heart of WhatsApp is in line with the renewal of the emojis of WhatsApp, and ignores as well the effect glossy that has long passed out of fashion. Probably not the most important improvement of all time, but at least it is consistent.

How to reach


WhatsApp introduced recientemente the possibility of sharing with a person or group, your location in real-time. A small change introduced in this version is that now, in the map view you can tap on a person and their location to obtain directions.

In the information of tartjeta with the options for a contact (send message, call, information) includes the new button, How to reach. Press it and it will open Google Maps so that you can calculate the route from your current location to where is your contact of WhatsApp.

Copy comments photos


we Finished the review of the main developments with a minor change but one that can be useful in specific cases. You can now copy the comment to a photo, video, or animated GIF using the context menu – Copy comment.

These new features are available now in the official version of WhatsApp available in Google Play or from the official website WhatsApp. If you have signed up for the beta of WhatsApp what’s more likely is that you’re already enjoying the news for days or weeks.

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WhatsApp for Android: these six developments are now available to all
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December 6, 2017

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