WhatsApp update its emojis to be like in iOS 10, do you notice the difference?


The ways of the emoji are indecipherable, or what is the same, the same emoji can mean very different things if you see it on an Android, an iPhone or Facebook. Although the expressions themselves are regulated by Unicode, how they are represented graphically, it is free to the interpretation of each one. To deal with this problem, cross-platform applications like Facebook have opted for create your own emoji to look the same on any device.

WhatsApp has spent years doing the same thing, although to save you problems thing is more catch the designs iOS. iOS 10, that, for envy of all the Androids of the universe is installed in the 15% of devices, and rising, came from the hand of the redesign of emojis largest to date. With emojis new iOS 10, it was expected that will be updated also in WhatsApp, and not only on iOS but also on Android, and is that the company is determined to be displayed the same regardless of which system you use.

Plays of the differences

What is certain is that the differences are a little subtle, but if any, haylas. In the first screen almost sure that you are unable to find any difference, and that is that the changes are basically slight modifications in tone of color.


however, once you start scrolling down and you focus more closely you’ll start to see more news. The most obvious: the emoji of the gun turret is now a water pistol, as Apple has included in your system.


Another example are the faces of the people “realists”, who are now a little less creepy and more like human beings. Not to dwell much, the new emoji present by now in the beta WhatsApp are basically the same iOS 10, while until now it was based on the iOS 9. The change is not radical as to make you throw your hands to the head (not that you will love the revolver).


include the what’s new emoji introduced in iOS 10, as is the case of skin tones, and gender additional for a number of professions, most combinations of families, single-parent families and the flag LGBT multicolor (which, by the way, not found in the tab of flags, but the ‘bulb’).


These emojis are now available in version Beta Software and is being rolled out in Google Play right now (2.16.274) but should not take in getting to the official version in the next few days or weeks.

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WhatsApp update its emojis to be like in iOS 10, do you notice the difference?
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September 21, 2016

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