WhatsApp Web is already compatible with Safari

WhatsApp Web is already compatible with Safari

WhatsApp web is already compatible with Safari, supporting the leading browsers, after login would also be compatible with Opera and Firefox.

As much as the news media WhatsApp in 2015 was the arrival of the VoIP calls to its Android app, it seems that lately is received before the news, it really indicates unannounced change strategy and even repeatedly denied is launching WhatsApp Web , although not come to iPhone . However, users of Firefox, Opera and Safari have to wait, because the protocol using the web application was only compatible with Google Chrome.

Later came the compatibility with the first two, but those who Safari still had not used this option. From today it is possible to authenticate WhatsApp Safari, following the same process of scanning the QR code so far. However, we must point out two things. The first, perhaps obvious, is that this does not mean in any way that is compatible iPhone , but is expected to be soon, and secondly, the functionality of WhatsApp Web in Safari is limited , so we can not, for example, send voice notes or access the camera on your Mac, because obviously, is not compatible with the old Safari for Windows.

No doubt this is a service could be better from the start, but we work writing from the computer greatly appreciate


WhatsApp Web is already compatible with Safari
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April 9, 2015

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