Whatsapp will stop working on these phones in 2018


  • There are platforms incompatible to day of today with old versions of Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and Nokia Symbian.
  • Whatsapp set deadline dates for: BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 8.0 and earlier, and Nokia S40.
  • In February of 2020 will end the support for Android 2.3.7 and above.

Whatsapp will stop working on these phones in 2018

Whatsapp has spent years being the app queen in the communication between people via mobile, but has a problem, especially for those who are resistant to change of phone: as time progresses, the stops support to certain versions of operating systems and for specific manufacturers.

The 2018 is just around the corner and Whatsapp alerts on their page that beginning January 1, and hereinafter, some mobile phones will no longer receive support for this app and, therefore, may not be used by its users.

Whatsapp alerts you that the following platforms are not compatible with WhatsApp: operating system versions of Android prior to 2.3.3, Windows Phone 7, iOS 3GS/iOS 6, and Nokia Symbian S60.

in Addition, he adds, for there are platforms on which is not able to create a new account, nor to re-verify an existing account, although you can continue using WhatsApp: BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10, until 31 December 2017; Windows Phone 8.0 and earlier, until December 31, 2017; Nokia S40, until 31 December 2018 at the latest; Version of the operating system Android 2.3.7 and earlier, until February 1, 2020.

Whatsapp is no longer developing features for these platforms, so that some functions could stop working at any time.

Finally, Whatsapp recommended purchase an Android phone with an operating system 4.0 or higher, Windows Phone 8.1 or higher, or an iPhone with iOS 7 or higher.


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