When Leonard Nimoy sang to Bilbo Baggins and other songs

When Leonard Nimoy sang to Bilbo Baggins and other songs

The legacy of Leonard Nimoy is not only on the screen also in music, which has several own albums and shares in many others.

On February 27 we had the sad news of the death of a great. died, aged 83, at his home in Bel Air. His wife confirmed to the media the death of his partner, who was in life, and will be in front, an icon of popular culture

As a tribute remember the best cameos of Leonard Nimoy and their struggle for equal pay between men and women in Star Trek . He said in that article, you’ll quickly honor someone as talented, with so many facets, a legacy that spans television, writing and, in this case, music.

Yes, the great Leonard Nimoy was also a musician and has several albums to his credit. In his first album, 1967, he used his character Mr. Spock and titled: Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock’s Music From Outer Space . In such issues are Star Trek and Mission. Impossible and other equally great

A year later, Mr. Nimoy, returned with more music, a album titled: Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy . It is here where you could hear the ballad dedicated to the best hobbit ever in all of Middle Earth. Bilbo Baggins

Among his acting career, also weaves in musician and in the case of the following discs on which focused on ballads. With the album The Way I Feel , also from 1968, put aside his character of Mr. Spock and presented as such. Thus began a fight that would long labeled, and distancing of the most famous human-Vulcan science fiction, which gave life.

In 1969 released a new album called The Touch of Leonard Nimoy , theme change here, much more introspective. The topic ‘Maiden Wine’ , included in the disk, saw in Star Trek

The New World of Leonard Nimoy , 1970 is his last album in the form (not his last participation in musical projects). This material includes rhythms country, as well as covers of songs by Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers and John Fogerty.

Other songs

As I said, their participation in the world of music no ceased with his latest album, has to his credit several compilations and stories, like the one made for the album Observation: Symphonic Encounters from Galileo to the Space Age . This material includes the concert at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy, with music director Arthur B. Rubinstein and Symphony In The Glen. The piece ‘Observations’ is narrated by Leonard Nimoy.


In this video, but no music of Leonard Nimoy, he does appear in a bizarre and funny character . Always great. LLAP


When Leonard Nimoy sang to Bilbo Baggins and other songs
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March 3, 2015

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