When Russia dug a well 12 kilometers deep “to see what happened”

When Russia dug a pit 12 kilometers deep "to see what happened"

Welcome to the Pozo Superprofundo Kola to 12.262 meters deep.

It is common know about space exploration or exploring the oceans; on impressive and mythical characters who ventured into the unknown missions. The story has also recorded for example exploring countries and territories that impacted the lives of each other; we also know from long journeys that changed the way he knew how Earth and the beings that inhabit, such as travel Charles Darwin or other purposes, the Nikolai Vavilov they .

not so well known are the explorations such as the SG-3, known as Pozo Superprofundo Kola (KSDB) , without But the scientific contributions that were collected by this helped to understand more about the nature of the earth’s crust.


the drilling of this well began on May 24, 1970, on the Kola peninsula in Russia, within the territory known as Baltic Shield. The initial goal of the project was ambitious reach 15 kilometers deep , for this technology hand drilling machine Uralmash-4E she began and, years later would use the call Uralmash-15000 .

the project, which was proposed by the Interdepartmental Scientific Council for the study of the Earth in 1962, was active for nearly two decades. In 1989 the maximum depth of 12.262 meters deep was reached.

One of the first memorable dates of this project it was June 6, 1979, the day that broke the record the hitherto deeper well, well Bertha Rogers in Washita County, Oklahoma 9.583 meters. Others would be March 10, 1980 when they reached the incredible depth of 10.000 meters ; and December 27, 1983 when it reached 12,000.


1984 the well suffered a significant collapse, this made the drilling will resume from 7.000 meters and probably be the reason why it would not be achieved to reach the initial goal . And, after so many years depending on the project had funding problems so they had to stop in 1992. It was not until 2005 that the project was finally closed, and since 2008 the facilities are abandoned.




in fact, one can say that the results obtained from drilling were unpredictable. While the most important reason why we did not continue the drilling was that at these depths the temperature reached 180 degrees, the engineers had calculated half of this, and the technology then was could not work at those levels.

well-kola Perforation

the samples were collected gave scientists clues about the secrets of the earth’s crust, until then, they were estimated by indirect methods. The diameter of the well reached just over 20 centimeters. this infographic elements found in the depths shown.

Work on the well Kola only reached a third of the Baltic continental crust (calculated with 35 kilometers). Other aspects studied during this project were:.

  • The seismic discontinuities and the thermal regime in the Earth’s crust
  • The physical and chemical composition of the deep crust and the transition upper to lower crust.
  • Geophysics of the lithosphere.
  • Methods to create and develop technologies for deep geophysical study.

for more information the next, and interesting documentary where the current conditions of the facilities of Pozo Superprofundo Kola shown:

Photographs Rusadas.


When Russia dug a well 12 kilometers deep “to see what happened”
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June 8, 2016

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