Where is the backup of WhatsApp on my Google Drive and what is it

Where is the backup of WhatsApp on my Google Drive and what does it do

If you have an Android phone and use WhatsAppsurely you have all your chats safe in a backup hosted on Google Drive. Since not so long ago, the backup of WhatsApp does not occupy space in Google Drive, so that is not something you need to worry about. But of course, the question arises: if you are in Google Drive, you why don’t I see when you start the application? How can I download it?

What is true is that it does not. The backup of WhatsApp is not uploaded as a file to use, but is hidden. Not only is hidden, but also can not download any of the ways to prevent tampering or unwanted access. You can only do two things: remove the data or to disconnect the Google Drive app.

How to locate the backup of WhatsApp in Google Drive

Drive 1

The backup of WhatsApp is uploaded to the folder “Application Data”. This folder is not accessible to the user, but only you can see the owner of the application since it is used to “store configuration files, saved game data, or any other type of files with which the user does not have to interact directly”, as points to Google in your web developers.

And how is “access” (in quotation marks) to Application Data? Easy. You just have to open Google Drive on your computer, click on the settings icon (the gear), go to “Settings” and select “Manage applications”. There will appear each and every one of the applications that are given access to Google Drive.

Drive 2

Surely you can find a lot of games that I played a long time ago, since Google Drive is the space chosen by some developers to save the progress of the same. If you go down to the bottom, you’ll see “WhatsApp Messenger” next to the options button. The only thing that lets this button is to disconnect WhatsApp from Google Drive.

What happens if you disconnect WhatsApp from Google Drive


As you know, the backup of WhatsApp serves so that when you change mobile or reset yours to the factory,

you can retrieve the chats, conversation, photos and videos, that is to say, to leave WhatsApp as if nothing had happened. To do this it is necessary that WhatsApp has access to Google Drive.

If you log off WhatsApp you will not be able to make backups to Google Drive

If you unplug the application, when you try to make a backup of the WhatsApp application will give an error and will need to re-connect to your Google account. It is as easy as going to “Settings” > “Chat” > “Backup” and log in again, but whatever, best not to touch anything.

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Where is the backup of WhatsApp on my Google Drive and what is it
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June 22, 2019

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