Where is your phone? Applauds to know

Where is your phone? Applauds to know

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Speaking in 2018 of an application to find the phone clapping may seem like something retro, since it was already available since years, but often functioned poorly, were terribly out of date or not directly operated. Clap to Find my Phone, or Clap to find my phone leads the applause is looking for-phones to the new millennium and Material Design.

As its name suggests, the app serves to make your mobile, probably hidden in a crevice of a sofa or in the pocket more inaccessible, to know your location after you give a few slaps. It’s all a show, vibrating, turning off and on screen, by turning off and on intermittently the flash and playing alarm volume.

Need a few permissions

Where is your phone? Applauds to know

If you grant permissions to applications with the eyedropper, this is probably not an application for you, since you need several permissions in order to function. You need the permission of recording to be able to listen to the hands clapping, the access to the camera to be able to turn on the flash, the access to the storage to be able to play other tones of music and the call status to avoid that skip the notice while you’re on the phone.

Sets the sensitivity

Where is your phone? Applauds to know

After giving the permissions it is time to adjust the sensitivity. A high sensitivity will mean that it will respond to sounds more mild, which can mean that you to respond to more distance, but it may also increase the false positive results in which the alarm with other noises that are not clapping.

A low sensitivity implies that you will need to clap louder, so get ready to applaud with verve. The best thing is to try different configurations by leaving the mobile at different distance. In my case the sensitivity that best I’m gone has been around 60%.

Other options

Where is your phone? Applauds to know

If there is something that highlights this new app to find your mobile to slap base is by the amount of options that puts at your disposal. You can specify the number of taps (which will help to reduce the number of false positives), as well as the time machine in which the application will begin to function, or if you want to work in do Not Disturb mode.

The various functions that are activated after the detection of the applause (sound, flash, vibration, screen parapadeante) can be enable or disable to your liking, and you can also choose a custom sound if you don’t like the alarm that comes pre-configured.

So, where is your phone? Find out with a couple of slaps. It is an application free, although if you want to remove the ads, or to protect the alarm with a PIN code you need to pay 1.29 in-app purchase.

Where is your phone? Applauds to know

Clap to find my phone1.9.6

  • Android Version: the since 4.1
  • Developer: REDteam
  • Download: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: the Tools

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Where is your phone? Applauds to know

Where is your phone? Applauds to know
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