Which countries are considered “rogue states”

Which countries are considered “rogue states”

Which countries are designated by the US and its allies as a threat to world peace and where the concept of "ro...

Which countries are designated by the US and its allies as a threat to world peace and where the concept of “rogue state” is?

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it is hard to ignore that of America is considered to himself “the leader of the free world”, and as such they see their compatriots and not a few of the people from abroad, and by extension, the country he leads. In fact, it seems a truism that The United States has an enormous weight in international relations, because that is evident in the light of its political influence and its economic, military and cultural power. But what not to do is simplify the vision of these relations by reducing the possession of power in the hands of four men: the world is complex and there are many competing interests, and conspiranoia, simplistic by definition. the United scoundrels, in theory, have with an authoritarian regime at least not respect human rights, sponsor terrorism and have weapons of mass destruction

Months before Barack Obama returned to win the US presidential election in 2012, the Forbes took him by most powerful person in the world for the second year and literally as I said, the leader of the free world. There was still time for Viktor Petrov dared to take a pulse href=”https://hipertextual.com/2015/07/mejores-personajes-series-de-tv” Frank Underwood, ie, that the same Forbes Vladimir Putin noted as the guy with more power the planet in 2015 because of how he was handling the crisis and Syria href=”https://hipertextual.com/2015/11/guerra-de-siria” > against the interests of the US and its allies; although the journal Time had already chosen him person of the year in 2007 before Obama was ruler of all his country.

Ronald Reagan – thenation.com

The term ” free world “emerged after world War, in the interwar period that elapsed between 1918 and 1939, and served to distinguish the Western democracies from totalitarian regimes, to nations like the United States, France and the United Kingdom of fascist Italy, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Its use became very common after the crash of 1929 and during the Second href=”https://hipertextual.com/2015/05/olvidos-de-la-segunda-guerra-mundial” World war and the Cold war; and the fact is that is still used today in the same direction. But it was much later when the terms were designed to define the enemies of the free world. “Rogue states” The Soviet Union, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Serbia, Sudan and Cuba have been considered rogue states

But had spent time, and these enemies were not such simply because of their lack of democratic spirit, but to the rogue states are called such until today when they are accused of being a threat to world peace and characterized by having an authoritarian regime at least not respect human rights, sponsoring terrorism and stock up on weapons of mass destruction; and verifying at least the last two requirements is problematic: do not forget, for example, in March 2015 were declassified CIA documents used to justify the invasion of Iraq and it turns out that President George W. Bush and his friends lied when they claimed that the genocidal Saddam Hussein had such weapons and relationship with Al Qaeda.

George W. Bush – Zona3.mx

If Ronald Reagan had called the Soviet Union the” Evil Empire “in 1983, was during his presidency when he started talking about “outlaw states”, but not the concept was defined with precision or a list of them was made until Bill Clinton lived in the White House: Anthony Lake, National Security adviser, mentioned in 1994 Iraq, Libya, North Korea and Iran as such in article for Foreign Affairs . More advanced the nineties, were included Afghanistan, Serbia and Sudan already on the list of rogue states. It has accused the United States to use this speech to justify their outrages against countries that do not agree to act according to their interests

Then he took from Libya when the perfidious Muammar Gaddafi improved relations with the West since 2000, to Serbia in October of that year when the criminal Slobodan Milošević fell and href=”https://hipertextual.com/2015/10/14-anos-guerra-de-afganistan” Afghanistan and Iraq after the invasions of 2001 and 2003 respectively. Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State Clinton, had reported before the scoundrels would be called “states of concern” from June 2000, a delicious understatement. But with Bush Jr. returned scoundrels in all its intensity, and the picturesque “Axis of Evil” which included Cuba, which 2006 accused of sponsoring terrorism; although it is assumed that the country out of the list now that href=”https://hipertextual.com/2016/03/cuba-y-estados-unidos” diplomatic relations with the United States are improving both now with Obama.

Anthony Lake – AsiaOne.com

These designations and this political treatment in UK they have also been endorsed as expected, have garnered harsh criticism from various intellectuals, as William Blum, Noam Chomsky or Jacques Derrida, which have ensured that the United States uses this speech to justify their outrages against countries that do not agree to act according to their interests or even their illegal interference in them. And this has led to even qualify to own United States and its ally Israel of scoundrels for being, according to them, the real threat to world peace. In France also they would have liked too these terms. The foreign policy of the United States that has proved harmful does not mean that the countries identified as rogue states do not respect human rights

And, in fact, it is known that hypocrisy has led the United States, “leader of the free world” to support liberticidas as Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Francisco Franco in Spain, Augusto Pinochet in Chile or the Taliban in Afghanistan in the eighties of the last century; or favor the dictator Hosni Mubarak in Egypt until its fall href=”https://hipertextual.com/2011/02/mubarak-dimite-como-presidente-de-egipto” in February 2011, a Saudi Arabia, which meets all to be considered a rogue state, and today Syrian rebel militias against the repressive government of dictator Al-Assad, which are made by radical Islamists and illiberal and among any, the Al-Nusra Front in particular, which is hand in glove with Al Qaeda terrorist group.

William Blum – Wikipedia.org

But does not seem appropriate fall into the trap down to attribute all the world’s ills foreign policy of the United States and the European Union, although they are responsible for theirs, and ignore the fact that the governments of the countries to which the hegemonic thinking of the free world designated as rogue states are abhorrent, but not sponsor terrorism or count with weapons of mass destruction, because do not respect human rights of their populations or neighbors if they have opportunity. Because the reality of the world is more complex than our limitations allow us to see with the naked eye, and do not need to take sides with any political actor and turning a blind eye to their miseries, but try to discern what just causes a conflict, if any, and embrace very strong.


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