Why are these traditional BIC pens holes?

Why have these traditional holes BIC pens ?

When using a BIC pen, are not what they are asked to find holes in his body? This is the answer.

We’ve all used a BIC pen. These iconic pens have been present at least in our school years. its polygonal design, thinness and low price have made them for decades, pens ideal for writing “small scale” .

But after all the time we spent with them, there are some questions about the BIC pens that have not yet been able to answer. For example, why caps have a hole at the top? Or why all BIC pens have a small hole in the middle?

The first of them it has a very simple explanation: avoid suffocation is true that these caps should not be around our mouth, but simply enter any elementary classroom to see that is a very common behavior.. For those cases, the hole ensures that in case the cap accidentally runs into the throat of a man, the air can continue to run and, therefore, keep breathing.

The two holes BIC pens avoid suffocation, regulate the internal pressure, prevent ink leakage and prevent condensation

The same preventive measure can be seen in the figures of Lego, which have a hole in the head for the same purpose. allow the passage of air in case of getting stuck in the throat of a man

The second of the issues has a slightly less obvious answer. What role can such a small hole in the middle of the pen Well, actually, are two:

  • Regular internal pressure of the pen . If there was that little hole in the body of the pen, the pen body would be totally sealed, so the pressure inside could be different from the outside of the pen. Why does this matter? Because, if unequal pressure, leakage of ink from the small plastic tube that contains inside the pen would occur.


  • Avoid condensation. to be communicated with the outside, the gas inside the pen is the same as the exterior, thus avoiding condensation effects within the pen. This reason is actually secondary, but equally necessary to see the amount of ink remaining in the pen BIC.

As you can see, even in such a simple product as a BIC pen overlooked details are taken. Do they think that the hexagonal shape of your body is also due to chance? Obviously not. This form was taken from wooden pencils, and is one of the most efficient in terms of grip and stability, two essential aspects during writing. Moreover, it also improves the efficiency in terms of production (and lower production cost less plastic used).

All of these subtle details have been something as simple as a pen BIC Crystal to be one of Exhibits at the museum of modern art of New York.


Why are these traditional BIC pens holes?
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October 4, 2015

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