Why are we celebrating today the #AlienDay?

Why are we celebrating today the Alien Day?

Because in space nobody hears you scream. And because the history of the planet that gives life to the franchise also his moment of glory it deserves.

What we are celebrating the Day Alien? Well, if you think about it, the premiere of the first film Alien was in 1979, which means that still remain more or less around three years for us to sing happy 40th birthday to which is considered one of the most influential works of the horror film and fiction.

But as often happens with the classics, things are a bit more complicated. These remnants of fiction that 4 letter from a universe that moves legions of fans formed. You ask the fans of Dark Souls and their fights LORE. However, those who have grown up with the trilogy of films, but have not gotten into the world created by Ridley Scott, one which incidentally is masterfully Alien Isolation, shall not fail to understand the #AlienDay , but for that we are

it turns out that, as you anticipate , the Alien saga returns to theaters today on April 26, and it will be accompanied by new merchandising, among which includes a special edition 30th anniversary of the 1986 novel . And in short, the #AlienDay is not strictly the anniversary of Alien, but masterfully, Alamo Drafthouse theaters have found a great gap in the iconography of the movie to convert on April 26, on the day Alien.


Those who are more savvy in the universe of Alien, have seen the irony today. And with only transform April 26 (26/4) American date format, 4/26, you will find the key why we are today celebrating the day of Alien. Exact. The denomination 426 or (LV-426), corresponds to the planetary designation of Acheron , one of the three moons Calpamos in Zeta Reticuli, 39 light years from Earth, an inhospitable planet where supposedly, there was no life. In fact, according to information from Weyland-Yutani, Acheron was just a dead rock.

The day Acheron was dim twilight, the night was darker in the farthest reaches of interstellar space, because even stars shone through its dense atmosphere to smooth the surface with a sterile scintillation light. A dead rock “- Alien. Novel, chapter 9

In the universe of Alien, Acheron or LV-426, would be detected first by astronomers Weyland Corp on May 14 2039, and a comprehensive study not take place until the early 2130s, eight years after the USCSS Nostromo abandon the moon in 2122.

deleted scene. capturing the mark on the Nostromo

Much of what we know of LV-426 is divided by the expanded universe

And in a way, that lifeless planet LV-426, the starting point of one of the best science fiction stories of history. a rock 39 light years from Earth in which, on May 14, 2039, the commercial ship Class M starfreighter , USCSS Nostromo, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation of Panama, will land to investigate a signal of unknown aid, according marked the protocol Weyland-Yutani.

in fact, the universe expanded Alien, the distress signal emitted from LV-426 had been previously detected and decoded by Weyland-Yutani, and Nostromo, for its proximity to the moon, had been selected to investigate. Mayday came from a rescue beacon of an Engineer ship, whose story unfolds in Prometheus, which serves as a prequel to the saga of Alien-, which had crashed on the planet, although unknown whether on a trip to the land or return to their planet.



LV-426 as a starting point and union Alien

the history of the universe Xenomorph and the reasons why there was a ship engineer class on LV-426 is unknown in the iconography of the saga, but the fact is that some theories, fairly good sense suggests that LV-426 was a planet passing from LV-223, moon same system, in which engineers had its store of weapons of mass destruction based on Xenomorph as account at Prometheus.

LV-426 is the starting point of the saga of Alien, the link between the universe sometime in the past, engineers established a temple on LV-223 and initiated a plan to destroy humanity for unknown reasons, through the release of a pathological agent known as Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15 or agent A0-3959X.91 – 15. However lost control of the pathogen . The origin of the Xenomorph itself is unknown, but according to the expanded universe can be a creation of the Engineers for use as a weapon, although another theory (less accepted) is that the Yautja (Predators) would be partly their creators or captors, because of their close association with the creatures.

* from this point there are spoilers of the universe expanded counted in Alien Isolation.

But the truth is the Nostromo was not the only ship that came to LV-426 and came into contact with the Engineer ship. In 2137, 15 years after the landing of Ripley and her crew, Anesidora a rescue ship deep space, landed on the moon to investigate the disappearance of the Nostromo detecting the same mark. The crew discovered the abandoned ship and equipment left behind by the staff of the Nostromo.

the time when the Anesidora lands on LV-426, Alien Isolation. Sega 2014

While exploration and research was abandoned, Henry Marlow, the captain of the Anesidora, disabled the beacon to prevent any rescue ship discovered the ship. However, as the crew explored the hold of the ship engineer, Marlow’s wife, Catherine Foster, is attacked by a Facehugger, fact that makes the Anesidora 426 LV- quickly leave and travel to Sevastopol station near the gas giant KG-348, for help, causing the incident with the Xenomorph there, Amanda, daughter of Ripley will face, Alien Isolation . And the incident referred to by Carter Burke when he tells Ripley what happened with her daughter in the special edition of James Cameron’s Aliens.

“I need to know what the hell is going on this site. It is a way of life unknown type, a kind of extraterrestrial organism. It is extremely dangerous “- Amanda Ripley in Alien Isolation.

LV-426 is critical to the Alien universe for the simple reason that it is connecting point between the entire franchise. It is the point of origin of all. Today we are celebrating the Alien Day in honor of Acheron LV-426, the moon in which the crew of the Nostromo is first eggs of the Xenomorph, which marked the starting point of one of the best stories of horror and science fiction.

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Why are we celebrating today the #AlienDay?
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April 26, 2016

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