Why I’m going to give a chance to Microsoft Edge

Why I’m going to give a chance to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new browser will be ready to be released with Windows 10, their resource consumption is minimal and excellent performance. We tell you why we give it a chance and why you too should think about doing it.

More than the novelty of the browser itself, or the fact that it is made from scratch and I’ve quite enjoyed until now, the truth is that life with Google Chrome is getting worse, and really want an alternative that does not consume 5GB of RAM when you have a dozen tabs open.

Not long ago I wrote about my disastrous failure when trying to happen to Firefox, despite the resources it consumes Chrome, the browser is simply best suited to my needs, and luckily I have enough RAM for its insatiable hunger. However, no matter how powerful is your PC, especially if you use Windows, the performance is affected sooner or later when you use Chrome intensively with many processes, many tabs, many Appss, many extensions, as I use it, and how many people use it.


When the first version was updated Windows 10 Technical Preview to the build with Project Spartan-now called Microsoft Edge – decided to try it immediately, and then wrote my first impressions after using it for a few hours and try to do with it, everything that I normally. The experience was quite pleasant, and now, three months later, and the browser still developing but almost ready to launch the final version of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge looks like a very promising program that will give you the same opportunity I gave Firefox: try to use it as my default browser most of the time.

In fact, as I write you these lines I am in the last preliminary>.> version of Windows 10 and I've spent my whole morning and afternoon work using Microsoft Edge for almost-all

The possibility of a change to better

Chrome with an open tab and all extensions off with 8 tabs vs. Edge and video playback

The performance and resource consumption Edge to compare with Google Chrome is almost laughable. And, always, always I will evaluate a browser compared to another, in which use of time, but makes no sense, because the idea is to find the best and move into it. Microsoft Edge for what I need still be better than Chrome, it does not have extensions (though Microsoft said it will come and be like Chrome). Some extensions I use are essential to my work, or my daily for x reasons. For example, I need the extension Buffer to schedule updates on social networks therefore work as my personal accounts.

I also need things like OneTab to save tabs, or Pushbullet to send links and notes between devices. Or extras to improve YouTube uploading videos when my Internet connection is useless. TunnelBear when I need a VPN, etc. You could live without many of these things, but they are part of my work flow, I have optimized flow maximum for several years to give it up from one day to another.

Edge is a barebones for now, but despite being in the bones, perfectly fulfills its basic work: websites load correctly and quickly. Besides that stands out for being very light (which hopefully will not change dramatically with the arrival of the extensions), consume a tiny amount of memory, has a minimalist and well cared interface, the read mode is phenomenal, its integration with Windows 10 and plus Cortana are things you will not have with anyone else. Microsoft Edge deserves not only an opportunity by power users , but should be used as the default browser from the day you leave Windows 10, for those who have less than 8GB of RAM and They have suffered the misfortune of swallows monster memory that is Chrome.

The Windows browser title, “e” while Internet that Internet Explorer stopped deserve deserves. So I look forward to the final version, and the possibility of a change for the better.

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