Why is it important to Sony A7R II?

Why is it important to Sony A7R II?

Several days ago presented the Sony A7R II, the new flagship in the photograph of the Japanese brand. But what gives us?

Just as happened with the Sony A7, expected that the Japanese company also announced the S and R models in its new version, the Sony A7 II . Given this, there are many questions that arise us again what it gives us.

It was clear that the new A7R II would be a camera that would bring the benefits of the A7 II sensor higher resolution , totally accurate predictions. However, although it has 42.4 megapixels , that is not the only novelty present among its features.

 Sony A7R II 3

The full-frame sensor is now a CMOS Exmor R backlit , which moves the photosensitive layer to a higher level to obtain more light in the image. Furthermore, it also affects definition from the outlet and the sound shown, allowing use a much greater sensitivity without this being extremely damaging in the displayed results.

It is obvious that the sensitivity of 102.400 should only be used in cases ends, where the lighting circumstances force us to do this and not have another alternative. The granules shown in A7 II was very thin and allowed easy fight night scenes, so in this new version, if satisfied with what is on paper, the sensor should deliver even better results.

 ISO Test Sony A7 II

Sony A7 ISO Test II

It seems that the Sony A7R II back many of the missing functions in the A7 II and is They were present in previous years, such as models the muting to decrease the shutter sound.

On the other hand, as Sony has improved the hybrid approach incorporating 399 points with 25 phase detection and contrast detection. Precisely this was a factor criticized during the analysis of the Sony A7 II, as his approach seemed to resist in particularly dark areas. However, this time the numbers suggest a totally different results


As we have already checked with the A7 II, the system 5-axis stabilization shows its main benefits when using the video mode. It is a function that helps eliminate that annoying trembling when we want to record any time.

In principle, what it does is move the sensor to compensate those vibrations caused by our pulse something that can be attached to the stabilization of the lens itself for very smooth movements.
The Sony was A7S camera of choice for many video enthusiasts, since their quality at high sensitivities the set up as an ideal device for recording even in low light and get a great picture.

However, the A7 II seemed to be one step behind the anterior chamber of Sony, as its maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 (60p / 50Mbps) and leaving aside the new standard resolution for many filmmakers, 4K.

But that has changed in the Sony A7R II, which has not only recovered the 4K 30fps , but also added the recording mode Super 35mm that promise to offer new possibilities with respect to the video. According to the Japanese company, through this system of recording information, something ideal for removing imperfections such as moire is collected. Also, a way Also included Slow motion , which gives us the ability to record up 120 frames per second at a resolution of 720p.

The A7R II will be priced 3,500 euros , which makes it unsuitable for a camera too pockets. Although its launch is scheduled for August , next Monday we will have the opportunity to attend an event Sony for some first impressions of what gives this new device. Therefore, if you have any doubts we encourage you to us ye know in the comments and try to resolve it after testing the A7R II.


Why is it important to Sony A7R II?
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June 13, 2015

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