Why Sony is not using its best sensor in the Xperia XZ?

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The continuing rise of the mobile phone next to the ease of manufacturers joining Android makes let’s look at companies that until a while ago had nothing to do with the phones. Among all of them, there are manufacturers that make components for smartphones, such as processor, battery or display.

Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple, Huawei… All they manufacture some of the components for its own mobile, and in some of those cases they are able to sell these components to other companies. One of the elements that mimo are getting is the camera, whose sensor is manufactured, in most cases, by Sony.

The Xperia XZ is the current flagship of Sony, a smartphone that doesn’t skimp on hardware, and it is also the preferred manufacturer of many other when choosing a camera sensor.

But the Xperia XZ is lacking something that their rivals do have, the best sensor camera from the japanese manufacturer.

For us to make an idea, terminals such as the HTC 10 use the sensor IMX377, 12 MP, while the Xperia XZ, for its part, uses the IMX300. The IMX377 is better than the IMX300, but let’s look at the why of this.

IMX300 vs IMX377: how do they differ?

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Let’s start by mentioning that would be their most important specifications. The sensor IMX300 has a maximum resolution of 25 MP, although the Xperia XZ is in 23 MP (that is the resolution that we are going to stay). In contrast, the IMX377 that comes in the HTC 10 is of 12 MP.

why am I giving importance to the resolution in this case? Well, because it influences the size of each pixel. Taking into account that both sensors have a diagonal of approximately 7.8 mm, it means that the pixels of the camera of the Xperia XZ will be 1.1 μm as compared with 1.55 μm of the camera of the HTC 10.

This means, as you can guess, that the IMX377, to have a few pixels larger, can capture more information in each of the pixels at the expense of losing resolution. But taking into account that the majority of photos that we took with our mobile van to chats or social networks, with 12 MP you will more than sobrado.

The sensor IMX377 promises to capture more information in each pixel, which could be especially beneficial in the case of photos in low light.

One difference that I want to point out is that the IMX377 is a Exmor R, while the IMX300 is an Exmor RS, intended for the latter to sensors of higher resolution. That is to say, that in conditions of low light, the pixels of greater size IMX377 will collect more information than the IMX300.

finally, we note that the sensor IMX378 (Pixel, Pixel XL and Xiaomi Mi 5s) has the same specifications as the IMX377, so perhaps it is simply an update of the sensor in some aspect that you can’t see it first.

Sony, a manufacturer atypical

As we have mentioned above, some manufacturers make components for its terminals and even sell them to others to earn extra money. For example, Samsung manufactures panels, AMOLED and sells them to other manufacturers, but the best is always left for their own phones star.

What does LG manufacture batteries, they are sold to other manufacturers, but the best ones are for their phones. And any more there will be, but I’m not going to extend counting all the cases. The question that we could make ourselves would be: why Sony doesn’t put their best sensor in their best phone?

The reason why Sony would put the IMX377 is because it is Exmor R, and they prefer to stick a sensor Exmor RS

Let’s consider the IMX377 better sensor that the IMX300 by the fact that it is able to capture more information in each pixel, and where they are going to notice it in photos with low light, where you will see more details thanks to a larger pixel. Perhaps it’s due to the vision of the japanese manufacturer of photography in mobile phones.

it Is so or not, the case of Sony it’s a little strange to be the only one able to include its best components you don’t and, in fact, no doubt sell them to other manufacturers. Will it be an economic strategy of Sony? Or perhaps it is because they prefer to stick a sensor Exmor RS instead of an Exmor R?

Does Sony all the game possible to their sensors?

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The fact that Sony is not using its best sensor doesn’t mean it will take bad photos, in fact hardware that make for the photography is the best for mobile. Their unfinished business would be, therefore, in the software processing, a field in which they have to continue to improve.

The only thing that this will leave you with very few possibilities of to be the mobile best photos ago of Android, especially with mobile as the HTC 10, in which is seen a lot mimo that has made to this paragraph, or as the Pixel, which fits almost the same hardware, but that the Xperia XZ is going to make some enormous photos it is a fact from which the high-end endeavors in his chambers.

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Why Sony is not using its best sensor in the Xperia XZ?
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October 10, 2016

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