Why start all OTA in Korea?

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The update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat is the last step toward the terminal is fully up to date. The Google Edition edition S4 already received at the time the latest version, but the star terminal holders Samsung have not yet received KitKat, a situation that could cause it to appear again before the S5 with KitKat.

LG G2 and Galaxy S4 receive KitKat

Upgrade Plans Samsung always follow the same dynamics. First special models to South Korea and then distributed to others . A few weeks later. Situation if the operator is not responsible, it may take even months. Fortunately it is now slowly reaching those lands.

In LG passes a similar situation. Some Korean users are reporting that their LG G2 being updated to Android 4.4.2. This version comes with improved performance and adds ART classical transparencies. In principle it should arrive before the end of this month to all users. Again, the Koreans are the first to receive the latest news.

Korea, birthplace of the two great powers Android

And it really is natural. Well they both Samsung and LG companies are created there. The Korean public is very different from the rest of the globe, ultra fast connections, and overall very eccentric fashions intensive smartphone features. Nothing comparable to what we have here, where most users only use four or five applications.


In Korea also have seen have been special editions, with a specific hardware and LTE connectivity while the other models do not had it. There is a requirement and it is precisely these differences that led to developers having to devote resources to produce other updates.

Updates have always been a matter of dispute among users, who see the difference between a Galaxy Nexus and LG S4 or G2 is abysmal because of the software and not the hardware. A difference in Korea, where the vast majority of users have devices such marks are strive for is the smallest

someday we see an Android phone that is updated soon and in all places at once

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Why start all OTA in Korea?
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February 7, 2014

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