Why you shouldn’t put the dishwasher after eating

We just eat lunch or dinner, and we filled the dishwasher with dishes, glasses and pots dirty. But you have to have patience. If we put it in operation, we will spend more. The journal ABC collects this and other tips for optimizing the power consumption and in addition, they pollute less.take Advantage of the light and the natural heat: to the extent possible, are recommended for large windows and glass doors that allow take full advantage of this natural resource.Investing in appliances sustainable: when you buy an appliance, it is important to note that on the label appear the ratings To+++, A++ or A+, because they indicate that they consume less energy. If on the label there is a C or a D, the consumption will be high. The first are more expensive, but to consume less, the purchase is more profitable.Regular the own consumption and to avoid wasting: with small actions such as leaving lights on, excessive heat or letting the water run from the tap or only spend more, but we favour a negative environmental impact.Optimise the ironing: iron is one of the tasks of the home with the most spend. If you build up a great amount of clothing for a single session, save energy, and even more so if we start for those that need low temperature.Shower instead of bath: in a shower, we spend about 200 litres. If you also install an aerator on the faucet, we can optimize the flow without losing water volume, with savings of up to 50%.Unplug devices: leave it plugged in the charger of the mobile phone is a bad habit. The expense is small, but produces a contaminating impact.Cooking practice: is preferable to cook with gas than with electric resistance, glass-ceramic or induction hobs. Furthermore, the use of pressure cookers allow a saving of 80% of the time and energy.do Not put the dishwasher after eating: In general, the slots 14 to 17 and 21 to 22 hours often have higher fees. Better to opt for other moments, such as first thing in the morning.Control the insulation: to Isolate the home from the cold in winter and heat in summer allows us to reduce the use of air-conditioning or other devices. A good idea is to insulate doors and windows with weather-stripping, use the double glazing windows, cover the floor with carpets or insulating pipes and the hot water tank.the Use of gas instead of diesel fuel: the gas is clean, efficient, and safer than the diesel, and the energy saving can reach 30%.
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Why you shouldn’t put the dishwasher after eating
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October 26, 2019

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