Widgetsoid – Create your own Widgets for Android


Widgetsoid is an application that lets you customize your terminal in infinite ways, creating bars with buttons that seem more useful, with more than 40 variables that can combine to make this quite at your leisure .

And the best part is that it is a free application that does not require root access and is compatible with all Android devices 2.1 and up.

Widgetsoid: functions for all tastes

Widgetsoid has a aresenal of functions among which are some fairly common as GPS, Bluetooth Connection, use of data, screen brightness, and other more advanced features like the possibility to enable or disable the NFC, increase the speed of CPU, RAM or internal release and use the LED as a flashlight.

You also lets you control some audio functions as the switch to switch between high voices or headphones, pause or resume playback of music and increase volume.

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Widgetsoid: Create your own widgets

After select the function you want to implement in the widget, and you can move on to customizing the design for which you have a huge number of variables such as size, color, background, font, rounded or straight corners and gaps.

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Widgetsoid – Create your own Widgets for Android
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May 8, 2013

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