WiFi Kill, dismisses your personal network intruder

/> Who has not tried to hack him WiFi ? Many of us, safe, and sure there are now neighbors trying to get the password to browse or download series and movies, safe

Now for users of Android comes WiFi Kill a application that allows you to disable Internet connection to computers that are in our network.

The application is very basic. It allows us to navigate the connected devices and decide if it is still connected or throw off the list and therefore leave to have WiFi connection and will consume its network of 3G / 4G and if a computer is will be out of the network.

From the options that enables us application we can do Grab and Kill , with the first we can see that the user (pages you visit and bandwidth consumed each) and the second can remove the user from the network.


comes thanks to the community and published in XDA-Developers . To function properly, the application will request Super User permissions and therefore need to have root in our device.

Iran more versions coming with more innovations and improvements in the interface but it can control WiFi thieves.

The app is not available on Google Play post the APK (we’ll have activated the Unknown sources option activated normally found in Settings> Security but in other versions of Android those we can find in Settings> Applications), from Androids we are not responsible for installation, then your record:

WiFi Kill


WiFi Kill, dismisses your personal network intruder
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September 1, 2014

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