Wiko Ridge 4G, analysis


In recent times the mobile telephony market has only to prove an apparent saturation, especially if we talk of the cheapest Android catalog ranges where countless manufacturers are trying to deliver an ever smaller piece of the pie.

In this situation, however, has always get the exception to prove the rule, personified this time by the French firm Wiko, a manufacturer with irreverent personality, fresh ideas and the way to succeed clear .

After having become la big surprise of MWC 2014 , the guys came to Barcelona Wiko prepared to put at stake the new Highway Pure and Highway Star and as a surprise quantizer clock, an unexpected Wiko Watch arrived to start his catalog of wearables .

Wiko has launched the new 4G Ridge, a smartphone with good credentials and attractive design which also comes for just 199 euros

We’ve left for last, but obviously we will not forget the Wiko Ridge 4G today os analyzed thoroughly at Engadget Android , an interesting terminal design and price that was presented in February but officially came to market contemporaneously to the Barcelona fair .


Wiko guys have always been very clear that keeping a lid on prices of their devices was not incompatible with the design and finish of these, and there are many Users who prevail finding a terminal with affordable price and a good job in the drawing board.

Perhaps for this reason, Wiko has taken the utmost care from birth design, materials and end finishes its terminals , almost above the hardware and other aspects considered more differentiators, which have been granted the right to be recognized as one of the manufacturers catalog terminals with more care in design and construction .


With these premises sure that no one will miss the direct statement that design brings the best of the Wiko Ridge 4G , a terminal that is pretty good as will compensate all sections, but stresses . at first sight and the first contact

We speak of a smartphone to “big” -his priori is 5 inch screen, but Wiko has cared a detail that often escape into the cheaper handsets: the size . East Ridge is a very comfortable 4G smartphone , with a volume content with its 143 x 72 mm and above all a thickness of only 7.5 mm .

Good design and good materials: glass Gorilla Glass 3 chassis with metal frame and around the plastic housing with an attractive velvety texture

Also surprising in hand, first by its lightweight, weighs 125 grams, and then by his touch, very accomplished despite or rather thanks to, plastic materials, which with a strangely velvety finish attach great feeling grip and firmness .

Thumbs up to work with plastic Wiko , ousted by the critics but have still run if used well. To complete an excellent design, Wiko has managed to keep away fingerprints and rounded casing around an aluminum frame almost gives the feeling of a unibody construction although the back can be removed.


Not everything is good despite this, because although the back is removable it is not your battery , and we can only access the microSIM port and the other port, shared by microSD memory expansion and a second Nanosim.

On the hand, the front glass is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which occupies almost the entire surface, framed by plastic without capacitive keypad or other utility to the bottom casing.

As for the placement of the ports and buttons, keypads typical configuration with sound and on sharing the right side, the audio-jack 3.5 mm at the top and the port of loading and synchronization microUSB 2.0 in the bottom frame . No mention is the main speaker, positioned on the back.

No more dressing on a single terminal design, which has about exquisite finishes especially for its price range and a very accomplished hand comfort and good robustness thanks to its metal frame

A high notable for Wiko in this section, you will appreciate better the complete photo gallery of the device.


 image01  image01 image01  image01

Display and hardware

That the French firm put all eggs in one basket with no means finished that decompensate noticeably other aspects of their devices.

In fact, although at that smartphone will be sold at a starting price of 199 euros should not expect much fanfare in their specifications, the truth is that Wiko Ridge 4G arrives prioritizing user experience even above its market price.

To do this, Wiko has arranged a heart of origin Qualcomm with 64-bit architecture, accompanied a good cast of components not detract at all its good finishes, and encourage IPS panel 5 inch 720p HD resolution with which begin the hardware section.


It is good to start with a close-up a screen that seems more than enough for a terminal current midrange, and their 295 pixels per inch ensures good sharpness but the psychological barrier of 300dpi is not exceeded.

Wiko did not want to risk, so has bet it safe to IPS along with its benefits and shortcomings technology, but we believe that this panel has been successful, with an attractive price and compensates the performance level of the chipset by not raising the amount of excess pixels.

Color reproduction is very natural , though less showy than the AMOLED screens also less saturated, something that will appeal to many. The whites are perfect, but the truth is that IPS panels must still improve when playing black, matchlessly good in AMOLED panels.


As for brightness, sufficient, for even outdoors the terminal is fully usable thanks to the Full Lamination technology, surely sunlight vision could be improved even more.

However, it is good to state that Wiko hits with a panel that greatly compensates for the device, with proven quality thanks to IPS technology and a good level of user experience. However, it is recognized that law today this panel is the minimum required for a midrange device .

Having analyzed separately the screen, perhaps the component greatest impact on the user experience above, we now stand in detail the hardware platform chosen by Wiko, so as usual, begin by the specification table and then go shelling their potential and Performance:

Wiko Ridge 4G, specifications
Physical Dimensions 143 x 72 x 7.5 mm
125 grams
Display HD IPS 5 inches
Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels, 295 dpi
Processor 410 MSM8916 Qualcomm Snapdragon
Quad-core 1.2 GHz
Graphics Processor Adreno 306
Report 16GB + microSD up to 64 GB
Version Android 4.4 KitKat
Wiko UI
Connectivity LTE dual-SIM (microSIM + Nanosim)
Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, hotspot
Bluetooth 4.0 LE
FM Radio
Cameras Rear: 13 MP with autofocus, LED flash, IR filter, HDR and FullHD video at 30 fps <. / br> Front: 5MP
Battery Li-ion, 2420 mAh
Access Google Play Yes, standard
Starting price $ 199
Additional information Puerto synchronization and charging microUSB 2.0 (no OTG)
LED notifications
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Full Screen Technology Lamination

Vista and its roadmap, let’s talk about possibilities, because although the Wiko Ridge 4G is a terminal marked economic court, the fact is that their abilities content themselves virtually all users , not discerning the place, but the vast majority.

Without falling into the arms of MediaTek was quite difficult to bring to market terminals that go down from 200 euros, although it seems that Qualcomm is stepping up the 2015 to supply their deficiencies in the lowest ranges.

So, Wiko has chosen platform Snapdragon 410 of the American manufacturer, SoC that incorporates processor 1.2 GHz quad-core and 64-bit architecture accompanied by an Adreno 306 GPU.


It is clear that their performance does not It lives up to the high end, but the truth is that the Snapdragon 410 easily meets the needs of a terminal directed the average user , and also was pleasantly surprised us with its good energy management .

He suffers when playing demanding 3D graphics, but in terms of processing capacity is more than lived, surpassing its predecessor the Snapdragon 400, most of MediaTek end four nuclei and even the Intel Atom by betting some manufacturers like Asus .

In addition, extremely helpful to have 2 GB of RAM memory, more than enough to move Andorid 4.4 KitKat on a solvent while the internal storage goes up to 16 GB with the possibility of expansion.

It should be noted, for lovers of numbers, the factory RAM available for applications is around 1,400 MB, while the internal storage has more than 12 GB of space for user.


In the two weeks of use we have given to Wiko Ridge 4G have not noticed major flaws with terminal performance , nor lags excessive despite Wiko has chosen by a rather intrusive customization that resembles the concept of MIUI.

We are facing a completely solvent for use in virtually any smartphone user, so we should not be fooled by price or its lambskin.

No doubt that Wiko has also done well in compensating the hardware section, especially looking user experience with few fissures

To complete the review, we must not forget that the 4G Ridge has full connectivity to LTE -his name itself makes it very clear- nor the usual battery of wireless connections that falls this time NFC chip, with WiFi, aGPS and GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and increasingly used FM radio

The most common -giroscopio sensors, digital compass, proximity is also present, luminosity although its price leaves no other less common as sensors health or fingerprint reader.

Performance and autonomy

We have already mentioned that the Wiko Ridge 4G is a smartphone economic cut perfectly meets the hardware side, but leave aside and paper specifications and let’s talk about performance using terminal .

In this regard it is worth remembering the basic premises of the manufacturer, in this case prevail user experience, so we know where Wiko be sought improvement points : one in the RAM , needed today if we want a smooth multitasking, and another in the chipset , which should perform well relative to the pixel density of the panel and must also ensure efficient customer response to future updates Android.

In this case the French manufacturer chooses Snapdragon 410 we had not tried yet, but has surprised us pleasantly because it works remarkably well, without fanfare but smoothly, and also consumes very little power.

Screenshot 2015 February 19 22 49 26

It seems that Qualcomm has finally found the key of a SoC able to satisfy average range, with an attractive price, right capabilities, native LTE connectivity and better energy efficiency than most of its competition. This probably will become 410 in the Snapdragon chipset for inexpensive devices star in this 2015 , at least for our markets.

Good job Qualcomm and definitely the right choice French manufacturer, who probably has penalized its profit margin by not bet on MediaTek hardware.

Obviously, we have not forgotten lovers of data, so we leave you now with our usual battery of cold Numbers performance testing we have done to Wiko Ridge 4G

Benchmarks Wiko Ridge 4G LG G3 S Asus Zenfone 5 Moto G 2014
AnTuTu Standard: 21,018 points
Antutu X: 20 544 points
Standard: 17,488 points
Antutu X: 17 668 points
Standard: 21,933 points
Antutu X: 17,185 points
Standard: 17,429 points
Antutu X: – points
Quadrant 11,642 points 8,647 points 8,454 points 8,708 points
3DMark Ice Storm v1.2: 5,358 points
Ice Storm Extreme v1.2: 2,645 points
Ice Storm Unlimited v1.2: 4,456 points
Ice Storm v1.2: 5,591 points
Ice Storm Extreme v1.2: 2,831 points
Ice Storm Unlimited v1 2: 4,647 points
Ice Storm v1.2: – points
Ice Storm Extreme v1.2: – points
Ice Storm Unlimited v1.2: – points
Ice Storm v1.2: – points
Ice Storm Extreme v1.2: – points
Ice Storm Unlimited v1.2: – points
PCMark Work performance: 3,201 points
Work battery life: 6 h. 41 min
Work performance: -. Points
Work battery life: –
Work performance: 3,730 points
Work battery life: 4 h. 57 min
Work performance: -. Points
Work battery life: –
Epic Citadel
@ 1.280x720px
High Performance: 58.5 FPS
High Quality: 56.8 FPS
Ultra High Quality: 33.0 FPS
High Performance: 58.1 FPS
High Quality: 53.6 FPS
Ultra High Quality: 33.7 FPS
High Performance: 59.9 FPS
High Quality: 59.5 FPS
Ultra High Quality: 50.2 FPS
High Performance: 57.5 FPS
High Quality: – FPS
Ultra High Quality: – FPS
BenchmarkPi 267 milliseconds 439 milliseconds 338 milliseconds – milliseconds
Vellamo HTML5: 2,045 points
Metal: 848 points
Multicore: 1,215 points
HTML5: 1,693 points
Metal: 749 points
Multicore: 1,121 points
HTML5: 1,957 points
Metal: 816 points
Multicore: 1,041 points
HTML5: 1,935 points
Metal: – points
Multicore: – points


 image01 image01  image01  image01

We have already given a return to the brute force of Ridge 4G, so playing now focus on more basic aspects and mundane that we usually always overlooked in analyzes, which are none other than the usual terminal use, your answer call, sound, touch digitizer panel or, more importantly, autonomy.

As for connectivity, no objection, response when using both LTE networks such as WiFi is perfect , and have not noticed a drop in coverage regarding other terminals.

Good overall performance and a range above the average stranger in a terminal with only 7.5 millimeters thick that has a lot to thank the Snapdragon 410

The phone features not have any objection with good volume on the speaker tone and dual microphone for noise cancellation. We have not noticed problems either with the proximity sensor, no complaints from our partners calls.

As for Sound of the main speaker we can say that is acceptable , but obviously it is penalized for placement on the back, losing quality and volume with the device perched on a flat surface. However, we must recognize that Wiko has thought about it by placing a tiny bump that lift the speaker when putting the device.

Screenshot 2015 February 21 16 05 36

paragraph Finishing and performance with us are two issues, one, the general response of the sensors , with little comment regarding autobrillo which work very well or digitizer touch-able to recognize up to 10 simultáneas- pulsations; and another of autonomy, we usually always carry a part given its importance.

It is not the part with more lights of most smartphones, but in this case we have to say Wiko has gotten back very good results with the autonomy of Ridge 4G .

First can enter a lithium ion 2,420 mAh capacity in such a small volume and then offsetting the hardware so that the energy consumption is not triggered.

Surely they could have improved a little bit by having a AMOLED panel, but the final price would have risen substantially, and the improvement had not been too overwhelming.

To give figures, the Wiko Ridge 4G is capable of run in continuous use up to six half about hours, something that we have seen using the terminal but that figure . concretely testing PCMark autonomy within 6 hours and 41 minutes

It is a very good thing, especially when compared with the competition for example el LG G3 S with Snapdragon chipset 400 – and although significantly lower autonomy if we play much demanding games, the fact is that in normal use we could get through the day with up to 60% capacity remaining.

No we thus ensure that the Wiko Ridge 4G can hold two days of normal use but rather that we will have no problem getting through the day with live phone even using it intensively



now begin our review of the multimedia capabilities of Wiko Ridge 4G, starting with his camera, which on paper should perform well thanks to its IR 13 megapixel sensor with LED flash, autofocus and HDR filter .

Meanwhile, do not forget the front, where find a 5 megapixel camera more than enough for video conferencing or autofotos casual.

camera response is more than acceptable for your smartphone price range, especially in conditions favorable light and HDR on, but we can also say that responds well indoors and even with a flash that often burn the photos in most smartphones.

A full daylight can appreciate the evident improvement achieved by activating the HDR , even though this involves a slightly slower decision and an enlargement showing the detail level at which it is able to reach the Wiko Ridge 4G perhaps its weakest point:

Camera Sample Wikoridge4g

Left, Take no HDR. Right: Same taken with HDR. Center: Extension to 100%.

indoors in low light we see that if a certain level of noise is introduced, but the flash is capable of saving decision to an acceptable level:

Camera Sample 2

Nor should we forget the complicated outdoor shots with highly variable lighting conditions , where 4G Ridge pays a good level, although it shows how photography burning slightly in the area directly sunlit:

Img 20150308 133543

With moving objects , in this case the sea in an afternoon with adverse conditions He clearly seen as the streetlights are already encendidas-, we see that it is possible to make good shots:

Img 20150223 190257

The camera is obviously not the best on the market, but is in line with those in high-end mounted in previous seasons, and can get us out of step effectively in many situations.

As we often do, here you have a Complete photo gallery with shots taken by Wiko Ridge 4G under different conditions, full size and unretouched:

wiko- ridge-4g-camera-1

image01  image01 href=”http://www.xatakandroid.com/galeria/wiko-ridge-4g-camara-1/3″>  image01  image01


Wiko has spared with its commitment to Android, and with a catalog of devices rather populated already on the market, the fact is that the French continue to surprise for his irreverent character, the OnePlus style, and clear ideas.

The Ridge 4G comes at birth with version 4.4 KitKat of the Google mobile operating system, although French firm has promised upgrade to Lollipop before the summer.

As for the interface, again we see a personalization that in this case it is quite intrusive, reminiscent to MIUI due to their commitment to applications directly placed on desktops , without the usual application launcher for Android.

Screns Wikoridge4g

It’s not something we like too much, but must recognize good guys like Wiko when choosing your color palette and design icons, animations and interface, very flat and colorful, seeking to be minimalist but striking at the same time.

We will not reward excessive customization, however, seeks to differentiate clearly between the populated midrange Android with an acceptable and different result.

Also, Wiko has not obviated proprietary software that meets the basic needs of users with a file manager, another system updates, media players, the usual flashlight, keyboard TouchPal X or unnecessary use Clean Master will try to keep the memories of the terminal clean.


 image01  image01 href=”http://www.xatakandroid.com/galeria/wiko-ridge-4g-software-1/3″>  image01  image01

Wiko Ridge 4G, the opinion of Engadget Android

It is becoming harder to choose a mid-range smartphone in the saturated catalog of the Android platform, but Wiko French firm has brought a breath of fresh air we needed and welcome.

It is not easy to reach a market like smart phones and ranking well where others was rampant for months, but Wiko has done with its clear ideas and a young character and surprisingly we like.

Your devices are characterized by the contents prices, yes, but not Wiko has stopped work with the design and construction of their smartphones , hallmark . of the brand and a good starting point to differentiate between very similar smartphones in appearance and hardware


The Wiko Ridge 4G has been a step in the right path manufacturer, has chosen to a hardware platform offset and solvent without problems everyday, mounted on a quality design with good finishes and sublime feeling in hand.

He succeeds thanks to a chassis with metal frame topped with glass Gorilla Glass 3 and a well worked velvety touch plastic housing, little friend stains and Plastic knowing obtain all the benefits . lightness, malleability and variety in finishing

What if you liked us Wiko Ridge 4G? href=”http://es.wikomobile.com/”> href=”http://www.xatakandroid.com/relaciones-empresas/”>

Wiko Ridge 4G, analysis
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March 26, 2015

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