Wiko WAX, 4.7 “Nvidia Tegra processor and LTE 4i 200 €


fairs these phones is when smaller manufacturers want to poke his head out from the rest of its competitors. It is a clear example of Wiko , which has announced its partnership with Nvidia to launch its first smartphone 4i with Nvidia Tegra .

Nvidia Tegra 4i, the Nvidia’s new SoC with LTE modem

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The new Wiko WAX is a smartphone with good features and it lets you play most games Play Store. The peculiarity of this new terminal is that your processor is new on the market, Nvidia Tegra 4i , a processor and offer a good gaming experience, provides LTE smartphone connection , which is appreciated by me

benefits of the device are as follows:.

Processor Nvidia Tegra

    • 4i
    • 4.7-inch IPS display with 720p resolution
    • 1GB RAM
    • 8GB internal storage (expandable by microSD up to 32GB)
    • Back camera 8Mpx
    • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

    • pure

    No doubt that the most noteworthy aspect of this device is the processor that incorporates. If this device also accompany Nvidia game store , TegraZone, we will have to play a perfect phone. We will have a powerful processor and a store of varied games, current and complete.

    wiko-wax-1 wiko-wax-2

    What surprises this Wiko WAX is your selling price in Europe , it will cost 200 . One option to consider if you want to buy a new phone.

    As for the performance of Nvidia Tegra 4i, its manufacturer claims that runs twice as fast the Snapdragon 400 . A very bold statement but it is true, at that price, would be a true competitor.


    problems when upgrading to KitKat

    some new Google policy implanted from Android 4.4 KitKat . This is not allow applications to store content on the SD card, turning, for many users useless. But in terms of a terminal that focuses on video games, what happens when you skip a KitKat JellyBean?.

    This is one of the problems that will face Wiko if you want to upgrade your new device KitKat , because I do not make them your grace buyers have only 8GB of storage games .

    ? You like the Wiko Wax?, comentad below.

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    Wiko WAX, 4.7 “Nvidia Tegra processor and LTE 4i 200 €
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    February 25, 2014

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