Will the future presence of modular cars?

The idea of ​​modular is very old, the concept of adapting the current to future needs is ambitious but meaningless in the world we live in. We do not want a modular car, we change cars because the manufacturer and us know through advertising.

An idea that surrounds the minds of many entrepreneurs is the concept of modular, adaptable according to customer needs. We have seen in the Ara Project, which aims to create a fully customizable mobile terminal: client choose your camera, your ability, your processor, your screen … but this concept makes sense if applied on cars? it is more meaningful in itself the idea of ​​modular?

Are not modular and cars?

When you go to the dealership to buy a car can opt to choose the engine, gearbox, multimedia equipment, safety … Is not this be modular? Yes, but no.

Let us first define how serious a modular car. Modular car not intended that you choose at the time of purchase the engine, but can later upgrade . That is, buy your modular car, imagine for a moment that is electric, but after six years the manufacturer has developed a new battery with twice the capacity. Being modular means you could change smoothly. Is not it a great idea?

But not only have to focus on expensive parts and probably will not actualize in life because of their high cost. I mean that we can change body parts so that even the shape of the car can be upgraded: add a module to give it more capacity in the trunk for example, or even make a small car in one family as they grow your needs.

That said, does it make sense modular car? No, probably not. It is unusual not want to update the car as our needs vary, but to change it. In my opinion modular cars will have no presence in the future because we are seeing that the goal of manufacturers is to update your car, but not change it, so have every few years (some builders only two) aesthetic renovations and technology for your car expired as soon as possible and have the need for a new one, but not update

Will the future presence of modular cars?

Will the future presence of modular cars?

Will the future presence of modular cars?

Will the future presence of modular cars?
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