Will ‘Timeless’ actually plagiarized from ‘The ministry of time’?


One of the issues most talked recent days has been the possibility that ‘ Timeless’ , one of the biggest bets of NBC for season 2016/2017, may be plagiarized from ‘the ministry of time’ . It is true that the similarities were there, but it was impossible to make any kind of judgment simply based on a comparison made based a simple trailer.

In fact, sure some merely see this as a mere tantrum for little more than continue making waves as if ” the ministry of time ‘ needed it to be one of the most discussed in the red- series, but the thing today took a big turn with confirmation that it is finalizing a demand for that reason. Now the question is increasing and we can only take a look at the facts to see how much could be true .

Review the facts

Ministry Of Time

in the argument it is undeniable that there are several points of contact, from the anecdotal perhaps which the protagonist is a trio made up of two men and one woman to another more specific details -the travel in time made through doors. However, to conclude something from there impossible task, mainly due to the real ignorance we have about ‘Timeless’, but things get complicated when you look at the degree of knowledge of ‘The ministry of time’ by Sony .

as published by El Confidencial , Ounce Distribution, one of the companies behind ‘the ministry of time’, contacted Sony for more than two years ago with the hope that they might be interested in the series. If things had stayed that way, we would not be talking more than anecdotal and equal nor the proposal were read, but is that liked and asked to know more .

The negotiations seemed to be smooth sailing , which he led to sending translated into English from the first season and essential information on the possible future of the series, both with regard to the plot and the characters own scripts. The problem came when Sony ## cut off all contact with Ounce. A point and abrupt end but I could understand if they had taken the decision that finally not interested.

What ended up messing everything was the appearance shortly after ‘Timeless’ , so those coincidences that mentioned further back become too suspicious, being that what has motivated the demand. Can you win? That depends on justice, but this is what Javier Olivares wanted to comment on what is happening:

My personal view

I guess I’m not the only one who thinks these claims often have as origin lunatics trying to get some easy money-which then practically never logran-, but the truth is that over time has also been legitimate claims that have even gotten a favorable opinion of justice. the most recent case would be the victory of John Carpenter on Luc Besson considering that ‘MS1: Maximum security’ pillaged with impunity ‘1997 Escape from New York’.

in case we hand missing two major steps. The first is to see ‘Timeless’ and evaluate ourselves to what extent could talk about a coincidence or plagiarism . To me it really hard for me to understand is that Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke, thinking minds behind series like ‘The Shield’ or ‘Supernatural’ , have been openly paid to do something. Maybe they had in mind a similar idea and has been Sony which has imposed these “legacy” changes “The ministry of time ‘? I give you never know.

The second will be wait for what I say justice . It will take perhaps by then no longer exist ‘Timeless’ and / or ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’ -puestos to choose I prefer the second antenna remains in many years and the first for now only piques my curiosity, but in the end will be the really determine whether or not plagiarized. So long as it does not come to some kind of settlement that would not be the first time something happens.

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Will ‘Timeless’ actually plagiarized from ‘The ministry of time’?
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September 2, 2016

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