With exclusive Android games no clear loser; users

With exclusive Android games no clear loser; users

Mobile platforms always have had a certain predisposition to video games: the idea of ​​playing anywhere with th...

Mobile platforms always have had a certain predisposition to video games: the idea of ​​playing anywhere with the same device with the million things we do is naturally more attractive. But all this is coming to trigger a war that will only be losers: we

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These are the keys of that battle between manufacturers and developers made with this sweet cake. form control

NVIDIA and Valve

one hand

NVIDIA has a nice relationship with Valve in regards to computer games.’s clear that the best partner as powerful client like Steam is a good graphics card to play the latest triple A, and this relationship seems to go beyond with the release of Half-Life and Portal for NVIDIA Shield. Platform Tegra has a lot to say.

Could this be something much more serious and allying these two to bring the ultimate gaming experience to mobile platforms? NVIDIA Re-Emerge its failure to hand Android devices giant computer games led by Gabe Newell

Amazon Fire TV Side

Amazon did a pretty hot with the Fire TV. multimedia center to complete the ecosystem that had begun with Prime and Kindle, and could compete as equals with systems like Apple TV or Google TV

But in addition want to go to by giants like OUYA small, and just look at the last promotion Amazon AppStore to check buy a GTA and you can do with the other two available on Android gifted, a deal that should make all tremble the rest.

OUYA and amateurs

OUYA Kickstarter jumped to a very promising idea: using Android and NVIDIA to create a console accessible for everyone and could cope with traditional consoles.

The second idea that I have not gone too well, but the idea is still alive and moving, and concepts such as demos are very good and should remain in the future regardless of what happens to all these OUYA and Indie who embark on the adventure of launching consoles forms a rather discreet.

triple AAA games and their influence

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are worth many exclusive sales for its mobile and desktop platforms.

Maybe they need all the cases of which we speak here is a real game AAA, a bestseller that impresses in every way, to give us real reasons to buy power only play this great game.

Because who would not buy a console with Android if I had real games where children spend hours entertaining

Apple and Google in this whole war

And probably Apple and Google are extremely aware of this situation, because both could be persuading game developers to begin to program games exclusive to their platforms, if we stick to the words of The Verge.

Whether direct income or various incentives, although some other developer still holds the rams and throwing games at once for all platforms, but chances are that this trend down in the coming months.

How does this translate?

Well, basically users will be harmed unless we spend millions on devices: Wanna play a game of Android but have an iPhone? Bad luck, Google has paid the developer to have the exclusive on Play Store.

What you want to enjoy a little game to a game that has the exclusive Amazon? Or have a Kindle, you screw up or literally no game. And this war will only lose us, let’s see how you look.

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