With this app you’ll be able to know what I was saying that deleted messages of WhatsApp


recently, WhatsApp added the option to be able to delete messages in conversations. Yes, this option takes more than five years available in the application, but in this latest update allows you to something very important: that the other person does not see. That is to say, we can send a message, and if the other person has not read the notification or content to time you will receive a notice advising you that has been removed.

This does not mean that messages are deleted for ever or there is no way you can see them never again. There are tools such as WhatsRemoved that allow us to anticipate the intentions of deleting it and creating a record of each message deleted. If you have the need you don’t miss a message, this app will help you that nothing is lost along the way.

How it works WhatsRemoved?


The procedure behind this application is as simple as crafty. As you know, there are apps on Android that ask for access to our notifications. This function is usually used to show alerts in the top bar but WhatsRemoved used to read passively what comes to us WhatsApp and as soon as we receive a notice that the message has been deleted, warn us and show us the original content.

Yes, WhatsRemoved read the notifications but as specified in the terms of service of this application, no data is collected for marketing or use for profit. Its use is limited to detect when the message is deleted and the only information that is sent is when a failure occurs or an unexpected error, the typical usage statistics to help developers Polish failures.

Configure the application is very simple: we just need to open it, give it permission to read notifications and thereafter wait for us to arrive WhatsApp messages and that the person who sent the delete, of course. By relying on the notifications, WhatsRemoved will work only with those messages that we have not seen so that will not work with content that we have already seen, eye to this since it only intercepts notifications.

Each time a message is removed, WhatsRemoved will send us a notification and we will also build a log file within the application. We can consult from any of the two sites and serves both for text as images. The app occupies just a few megabytes, has been made by a developer Spanish, and if you really have the need or interest to do a follow up as thorough of your conversations, fulfill its purpose.

what I’m going to ban you for using this application?

Whats Legal

applications that promise to improve our experience of WhatsApp are very attractive for any fan of this service but sometimes, in many cases, they are a trap for most inexperienced since its use can lead to to WhatsApp us ban and can not return to use the messaging client for a few days (usually 72 hours) or never ever with that phone number.

Our co-Xataka Mobile us explained some of the applications that were problems with WhatsApp as for example those that are used to schedule messages or the ones that promise us to change the look of the interface of the app official. is What happens with WhatsRemoved? In principle there is nothing that says that you cannot use because the bans are always for breaking the terms of service.

WhatsApp tolerate the use of applications to a third party provided there are no changes or behaviors that compromise the user experience. After carefully review the legal document of WhatsApp, we have not seen anything that clearly specify that there is a problem between the two apps so that you can use it without fear that we baneen.

As we explained above, WhatsRemoved asks for access to read all the notices, not only of the messaging application so that there is a direct conflict. On the other hand it is important to emphasize that the promise of this developer, as explained in their terms of service and is it supported in Google Play Services, is that personal data is not collected or talks for any purpose, profit or commercial. We’ll see if WhatsApp decides to take action but to not be linked directly, can do little.



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With this app you’ll be able to know what I was saying that deleted messages of WhatsApp
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January 2, 2018

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