WLauncher is the launcher inspired by Windows 10 that want to have in your Android


Of the many launchers that there are for Android, there are a few that try to mimic the appearance of other operating systems. Either iOS or Windows Phone, most do not get to go all fine or may not be as visually resultones. However, there is a very interesting project that after spending much downtime has resurfaced. We are talking about WLauncher and as you move it going to want to try on our mobile.

If I say you’re going to want to have a launcher that tries to mimic the appearance of Windows 10 sure you will think me wrong. However, its creator has taught a few glimpses of what lies ahead and I must say I am very surprised with the result. An attractive interface and apparently functional. Let’s look in more detail what we offer


A launcher for Windows 10 it’s cool, much

WLauncher is not a free copy more than users that receive Windows 10 but a modification to adjust the interface to a more comfortable but based on the same principle that everything should be done through touch gestures navigation. Thus, we have a main screen with different columns where we can go with icons and widgets to our liking. As you can see from the pictures, the finish is something different that is used in the Microsoft operating system.

Beyond this desk when slide your finger from the bottom we can draw up a menu with all the applications you have installed in Android and ordered alphabetically. Finally, we have a panel on the left side we can draw swiping right. We will find several elements of personalization to put the launcher to our liking.

Its creator says the launcher work just as well on mobile and tablets because the interface will be adapted to perfection. The reason we talk about in future is simple: it is not yet available. WLauncher arrive sometime in mid-June. Yes, will debut in alpha stage so remains for us to see the final version.

What has so far been good and, hopefully, serves to bring another option and not a mere anecdote in the end not provide anything of value. It will be difficult to compete with Nova, Google Now, Apex and company but the proposal being different to what we are used is not entirely far-fetched

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WLauncher is the launcher inspired by Windows 10 that want to have in your Android
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May 10, 2015

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